Sunday, February 5, 2012

A sneak peak on our snowy morning!

 A view outside our window.......................................s

 The little snow man..... Yes, V helped, and we left if mid-way since our fingers were frozen! Per V: 'We need to go back inside and thaw them'
A pe

Saturday, February 4, 2012

And it took snow

To make me come back to my "super ignored" blog to come back to life! It's earlY Feb, and I have no idea when was the last post I wrote, but tonight its snowing in London and as look out this window of mine, after a Long time I am inspired to write again! Yes, I miss Chicago, when it starts snowing in November more or less. You are snow covered and bitching about the weather 5 months of a year, but you still enjoy the snow covered roads, the snow on your face when you walk on the Magnificent mile, whatever! Bottom line, snow uplifts your mood like no tomorrow. but at the same time, I am enjoying this experience of living in London. I get asked a lot, which do you prefer, Chicago or London. My answer always is " I have phases" Truly, i miss my dearest of friends, buddies, mom chit chats, comforts and knowing the streets of Chicago, a city where my daughter spend the first three years of her life, a place which equates to home for both Sumit and me. At the same time, I am enjoying my new found friend ships, the new adventures of exploring the new restaurant, the new nook, the new kids class which make me and V skip a beat and laugh our hearts out. I love finding the new paths which make me discover a new ice cream place, a new hot samosa joint, a new place where i'll never go again. I like the newness and the familiarity of London. I think the experience of living in a new city makes you learn so many new things about yourself and your relationships. I am lucky to be here and learn. Being out of my comfort zone and yet being comfortable. Snow- in a lot of ways, just walking down the street with V this evening with our tongues out to catch the new snow flake makes me realize: you only live once, and sometimes just being out there makes you feel like 'you are home'