Saturday, November 8, 2014


It was the perfect timing; my husband Sumit had his birthday on Monday and then we had tickets for Camelot at our favorite theatre: Drury Oak Lane

Now, I have seen a fair number of shows at this gorgeous theatre, but somehow Camelot fell short. The sets, production set up left a lot to be desired for. Considering this was set up in the ‘King Arthur’, to me it felt very plain, very ‘non-grand’.
The music scores however were fabulous. They were perfectly timed and well delivered! The cast and the crew were impeccable. I loved Lancelot, I think he had the grandeur and the ‘make-me-weak-in-the-knees’ quality about him. The lovely song ‘I would leave you..’ was so simple and romantic. And me celebrating Sumit’s birthday there made it all the more special.

I think ‘Merlin’ was astounding. The screen presence, the delivery of dialogues, the worries were so well depicted.
Ken Clark, as King Arthur. Well my first impression was, hmm, wait; he is The king? But I must say, by the end of Act 1, I was mesmerized. It was such a powerful close and an awe-inspiring presence on stage.

I have not seen the original Camelot production, but from what I gather it is fairly long. This production, the first half and the second half were disproportionate time wise. Act 1 was a decent 75 minutes plus, however after the interval, it was very short and it felt that the play suddenly ended. However I do understand it is hard to compress such a grand production; I wish Act 2 could continue to build on the ‘grandeur’ of ‘King Arthur’

Overall, I did enjoy the production. Mixing a celebration with a lovely theatre evening is always good. And with kids peacefully sleeping at home, I did enjoy my evening out.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy New Year

 Come on, you know I am talking about the Bollywood blockbuster, Happy New Year HNY and not the New Year which is alarmingly close now.
 Naah, I am not going to do a movie review. I am going to say, I loooooved it!
We went on a lazy Saturday afternoon with my 6 year old and almost 2 year girl. This is how the movie shaped up for us.
The 6 year old- Miss V aka the Chatterbox, was laughing hysterically at all dialogues and the comedy of errors in the movie and the almost 2 year old, Little Lady was standing on seats and clapping through all songs.
And with this funny drama unfolding, Sumit and I were giggling, sometimes at the kids, sometimes on screen and in general were just super happy enjoying the 'Happy New Year'
The best part about the movie, no double meaning, no jokes that need explanation, no closing eyes for the kids, no nothing. It was meant to be a family entertainment and it definitely left our family entertained.
So until the next Masala Movie is released, both Sumit and I smile and the simple concept and adorable delivery of the movie with my 6 year old' favorite star: Mr. Shah Rukh Khan... SRK! I must add, the Little Lady is getting mesmerized with the man with the ‘almost real’ but fake abs!

PS: Image taken from Google Images