Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Movie Mania

A simple movie.. a simple theme and for once.... a nice one!
We stumbled upon the movie: "Chance Pe Dance" this Sunday evening. Needless to say, the name was not that exciting and I was not super sure of the movie. But it seemed good enough for the mood! So we started it. And guess what... I really liked it. It turned out to be perfect.
See the cynic in me, was literally waiting for the movie to go downhill, to get corrupted by the "formula's" that seem to work and was waiting for some cheekiness. And I was sure, I would ask SD To turn it off. See I am known for leaving movies midway cuz they suck.
But pleasantly, the movie stayed light, fun, happy, and quick paced.
It was a very simple story with a very strong message: One chance... Sometimes in life, you need only one chance to do something. The chance does not come to you, you have to struggle, search and do a lot of hard work for it. When one door closes, there are a few other openings, you have to look. Then you have to push it hard enough that it stays open and then you grab on really really hard.
And another very subtle one... which I am still debating in my mind about.... If you want something, though you have been wronged before, it is okay to swallow your pride in order to ask again. I know this sounds weird, since the 'Big Fat Ego' is one of our main faults/assets. But in the movie, in the actor's situation, it took a lot of courage for Shahid to go and ask again for something which was rightfully his to begin with..... don’t let me kill the movie for you... just go see it...
Of course Shahid Kapoor looks amazing.. adorable does not suit him anymore. And Genelia was super bubbly and her energy is addictive. Very nice performances.

On a side note.... I finally saw the movie "Up" and loved it. Feel good movie this one.!.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting Fit: Week 7: Almost there man... almost!

I know I know, it’s the last but one week, and I had decided to stretch a bit... But alas, my week turned out to be the exact opposite.
One, I will give an 'excuse' of health> I swear, it’s not fun doing a work-out fun while you are coughing. Second 'excuse' will be of a bit of OMG!
Let me explain the OMG: So towards the end of week 6, I felt that my efforts were paying off: It made me feel good. But it also makes me think, now that I have lost a bit, maybe I can eat 'unhealthy' just a teeny tiny bit.
Here is where all hell breaks loose. Sadly, all unhealthy food options are way yummier and you cannot stop at just a bit. So the next you know: You completed a bowl full of whatever you chose.. and hence the OMG!
So how was my week? Well it was not that good.
I had a lot of work and personal scheduled lunches resulting in me eating outside than home packed. And since I don’t pick healthy lunch choices when I order food, the whole "eat balanced Healthy meals" goes out the roof.
So here is what I am planning to do about it: Order the comfort food, but try managing the portions. Stop when you are full and more importantly, take the remaining to go. You don’t have to finish the ginaourmous portion in one go! Comprendes?
The reason I am taking the above approach instead of ordering healthier food to begin with, is the following: I know I can sustain the former. My whole approach in the "Getting Fit" has been to make subtle changes in lifestyle and make it sustainable. Nothing drastic, but just simpler things that I can incorporate in day to day life.
I love eating out, since it gives me a break from my own cooking. I want to enjoy the process and not resent it. That is my honest explanation.. however lame it might sound.
The saving grace was that with the heavier lunches, I did have lighter dinners. I did something right...
Yes, I did continue my walks religiously, did my routine of stretches.. and had my first: With V enjoying the sun in the park, I managed some yoga on the green grass and you know what: It felt awesome! :-)

In the whole getting fit business, I am surprised; at how much I am learning about myself and eating habits and how they impact my moods.

Now as I gear up for my last week before the long weekend: Here is an irrelevant update: A bunch of our friends are heading off to Galena in the long weekend. Very excited, especially, since this is the first time, I will be using my blogger connections: At a recent Blogger conference, I won a getaway weekend in a brand new Chevy 2010 car. So, I am planning to use the 8-seater car for the trip and write about our trip! You can catch all the details on my Mommy-In-Making blog!

Back to business: Week 8 bring it on.... .....and yes that noise is my happy dancing which luckily you can’t see or hear! ;-)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If I were... I'd be ....

I saw this on Shilpa's blog.. and decided to tag myself.. seems a lot of fun!!

If I were a month, I’d be - December: The spirits are high, all plans for the new years, resolutions and excitement is full force. Of course the sugar, chocolate being passed around definitely has me favoring this month for sure!

If I were a day of the week, I’d be Thursday - The week is almost over... almost.. Yes, I can make it through!

If I were a time of day, I’d be 4:30 pm. That’s the time; I have my lovely walk to pick my daughter and then it’s party time with her.

If I were a season, I’d be Spring - it will be everyone awakening from the deep winter slumber, plans being made, dresses being worn and the mood being cheery (minus the allergies!)

If I were a planet, I’d be - Earth... since I don’t want to be another planet which was getting poked by earthlings to make it habitable.

If I were a sea animal
, I’d be a Shamu the whale... Beautiful, cute and come on I am a movie star eh! ;-)

If I were a direction, I’d be - Considering how "great" I am in directions, I'd say< I 'll be north! If I were a piece of furniture, I’d be Lazy Boy... rockaway baby rockaway....

If I were a liquid, I’d be hehe... I really don’t want to answer that.. but let’s stick with coffee ;-)

If I were a tree
, I’d be ...-I have no clue.... hmm may be a mango tree so kids could climb all over me :-D

If I were a tool, I’d be Hammer. I will be able to make a lot of holes in the walls with pins to hang up V's art work! Trust me nowadays, this is the tool I use the most.

If I were an element, I’d be ....... Eesh.. Man, it was chemistry where they taught this right? ;-) I think Oxygen.. giving life to almost all around me!

If I were a gemstone, I’d be Diamond - Like Shilpa said.. A girl's best friend... and come on... I would love to be ogled by the love struck couples!

If I were a musical instrument, I’d be guitar...there is something so rock starrish about it.

If I were a color, I’d be white........ peaceful (completely opposite of me by the way!)

If I were an emotion, I’d be Love!

If I were a fruit, I’d be Strawberry.... just since V seems to enjoy her "stawberr" a lot these days

If I were a sound, I’d be the sound that waves make when they touch the shore.. naughty, excited finally at peace.

If I were a car, I’d be Lexus!

If I were food, I’d be aalloo.. hehe... Veggies can’t do without it. Can be made in so many different ways, and meal feels complete with it. You see why I have to do my getting Fit thing now? My love for Potatoes!

If I were a taste, I’d be tangy... the lemony.. gives you the tart but you always want more!

If I were a scent, I’d be Romance. No doubts about that

If I were a pair of shoes, I’d be the Jimmy Choo Ankle straps! aaah!

And if I were a bird, I’d be flying up in the sky... hehe...

And If I were to tag people I will tag now I am tempted to not anyone considering how sweet Shilpa was about it... but I think I wil, the devil in me comes up:
Piper... Just since she seems to be ignoring my previous tags as well..hehe
Lakshmi... I know she is super busy with things.. but may be this will get her back to Blogosphere.
Priyanka... you know I was gonna get to you girl ;-)
AD... It will fun to read another mom's take on this!

Oh FYI-: If I could be anybody on this planet... I'd be Me! In case you were wondering

Monday, May 17, 2010

Getting Fit: Week 6..... Yay!

There should have been a clause in my first post about this Getting Fit business, I am allowed to slack a bit, since you see, I am a mom. I was really hoping to pull the "puppy face OMG, mother of a toddler can get tiring" and then you'd sympathize, pat me along and let me slack off just a tad bit.
But I know you won’t, since damn my big mouth: I wanted to do this so V's mom (Me) is much fitter to chase her in park!
Urgh... Anyways, back to business. So this week, I was in bliss. Again, my daily walks continued. My yoga and stretches got more strenuous and guess what: Finally I am getting some muscle ache! The good kind, you know the kind when you know, you have finally worked the muscle and not just the flab covering it! It felt painful but good. The pain gave me additional motivation.
Now that I am in my last fortnight of pain, I mean getting fit~ I plan to stretch a bit thin! I plan to challenge myself a bit more. Oh by the way, did you know: doing 30 seconds of walk followed by 30 seconds of jogging is more strenuous than 60 seconds of just jogging. OMG! Apparently, everyone knows it. I learned it from my friend: Natasha's facebook status. She is training for the half marathon. Which by the way is amazing, since in her marriage vows, she had said: ”Her husband should forget about coaxing her to run any kind of marathon with him”. But guess what, she is training, with her husband for her wonderful cause. For this cause, you are allowed to retract from the marriage vow! Do drop in on Natasha’s page and donate what you can for her cause and cheer her along.
Ok, back to my progress now:
Yes, however cheeky it might sound- I do feel lighter. Guess what, I stop eating when I am full!! (I know that should be understood, but when the food is super yum and you didn’t cook it, it’s hard!) Hehe, jokes apart.
Food wise, I stuck to breakfast, spaced out meals (minus snacking) and decent hour dinner. Weight wise, the downward trend on my Wii Fit is still excruciatingly slow. But at least the direction is correct!
One very important thing I am learning is, you dont need to go the gym to do a daily healthy routine. It can be in your living room with a yoga mat or out in the park. Earlier, I would always keep shying away saying, no time for gym, or I have to be home with V, or I dont have time! But it's not that hard to make time!
So now, get back to cheering me along so I can complete my final two weeks and be ready to wolf down on my upcoming long weekend trip~

Piper... how you doing sweetie? I think I have consumed more fruits in these six weeks that in the past six years combined. Ok, I am over exaggerating! But you get the idea!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bonds of a lifetime

You may be fifty, fifteen... there is something about the bond, the friendship and the camaraderie... of the "sistahood" of our girl friends.
I feel like a school girl, when I hang out with us girls, I may not have met some for a decade, and some I just met ten minutes ago, there still a familiarity, a smile and loads of giggles.
I wonder why they say: Girl cannot be a girl’s friend! It is so untrue.
After parenthood, I do see a lot of changes in me and my relationships. Some good and some not so.. But something stays consistent always!
I remember knocking on my neighbor, a very dear friend’s door often, either for a cup of chai or us just sitting and wondering why "Vivaah" was such a bad movie but a tear jerker none the less. I remember being really scared of telling my girl friend when I was pregnant. I know she'd be super happy but still super OMG-You are gonna have a baby. There are countless coffees at JATC and countless hours spend in chocolate shops defining our friendships.
There are enough planned and unplanned lunches, movies, walks, teas that I still try to get to. I remember fondly "lecturing" my friend on relationships while still figuring out my own. I smile when I think about the first time, my girl friends literally pinned me down in the salon for getting my eyebrows done. Till date, when I step in the salon to get my eye brows done, I laugh! I look forward to my email chain with girl friends; I look forward to discussing why Shrek 3 will be such a good movie or how we HAVE to see Sex and the CIty-2. I enjoy the charm, the comfort and the fun of it all.
I have written a lot of times here and about the need, the stress reliever and the fun factor of friendships. Somehow I feel like I am repeating myself right now...

As I see my daughter growing up in front of me... How she excitedly tells me how she played and whom she played with. I can only imagine the hundreds and thousands of dollars she will also spend on coffees, gatherings, mani-pedi's, chick-flicks and still what she will gain at the end of it will be priceless!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Slow and Steady..... Week 5 update

The feeling of having spring in your feet, feeling light and just over all in a good mood and chirpy!
Well tada- that’s me!!!
Now, i must confess, my Wii Fit does not show as many pounds dropping, as I was hoping it would, neither am I in need of a whole new wardrobe yet! Hehe, real life you see. But, with the subtle changes in my daily schedule, I am feeling over all better, fitter.
I can climb over eleven floors and not be out of breath. I can cover my 1.5 daily walk in about fifteen minutes and still have energy to go on. I see myself willingly pick up the fruit in hunger pangs instead of raiding the pantry.
And guess what - I feel good. And I didn’t have to bend over backwards to get here. Yes, I would like the clothes to be looser. But for now, in my never ending optimism, I feel if I continue, the energetic feeling will continue, the calories will burn and I will still be enjoying life and loosing slow but steady un-necessary pounds. I like the downward trend on my Fit profile!
On that note, last week my daily walks continued. I have increased the intensity of the daily stretches and yoga routine (May be this is helping the lightness feeling). Food wise: Long behold: Managed breakfast everyday! I somehow am managing early dinners as well. But I am not sure I will be able to sustain it. With the onset of summer and evening park sessions with V and other commitments, I don’t see early dinners.
Besides that here is a quick "healthy" hunger fix: Baby Carrots/ Sunflower Seeds/ No-Sugar Cereal Bar/ Fruit... and yes.. even the summer Mango might count!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

When is it going to STOP!

As I read about the threat, the investigation, the person responsible for the NY-Scare and a very close call... I was mesmerized.
It felt like a movie; a very real and dreadful movie. And I was the audience, helpless, awwing at the amazing detective work, scorning the people and the motive behind and feeling for the NY people once more about what could have, might have but should not be.
A thirty year old guy, a guy with a wife and two small kids- a girl and a boy I hear. A guy who from his pictures, looks like an average Joe. A guy, trying to fit in, making something of his life and just like the next person - living the American Dream.
As I read about his neighbors comments about him, nothing stands out. It dreadfully reminds me of the movie- New York. In which a very hunky John A. is an average American fitting in. Being the traditional ABCD and playing the role beautifully.
The whole NYC terror case makes me look over my shoulder. It makes me look at my neighbors a little longer. It makes me very conscious of my own moves and the spoken word. Anything and everything can be taken out of context.
I write this piece also very carefully.
Of course, I condone this type of activity. Who does not? Nobody has the right to play with someone else's life, or impose their beliefs on someone else. No one has the right to scorn on some one else’s beliefs, way of life or choices. It’s not right, it’s not human and it’s not even fun!
I am surprised, I feel for his kids. The little boy and girl will grow up under a scar, under watchful and hurtful eyes for no fault of theirs. The kid’s dreams are crushed even before they could understand what dreaming meant. Again, it’s not their fault!
I can go on and on about how Media is playing this event. How they are making a commoner like you and I feel worried, feel questioned, feel watched. Media and its sensationalism is something, I really don’t want to talk about. But, all I do want to talk about this- How much hatred, how much brain washing is out there?
I have a little girl, and I only tell her: "World is a good place, a happy place". Sadly with what I see around me... I don’t think it will be true by the time she grows up. And it sucks to imagine that!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Getting Fit: Week 4 Update

As I coughed and coughed a bit more, I was sad to see the week slip by. Last week, nothing major, but a bit under the weather.
Call it excuse, whatever, but no gym, only my walks every day. I did manage doing stretches a few times. I have added something to my mix. I always take stairs to my office- second floor ;-) But now, even when I go up to cafeteria or meeting rooms, be it sixth or third floor, I have been taking stairs consistently. Doing just a bit more for daily movement. In addition, I have switched to drinking slightly warm water after meals. Heard it benefits digestion, don’t know about that yet, but I like it, one its soothing to my sore throat and two, I feel good. Don’t ask why.
Food wise, I have been pretty good. My afternoon snack of healthy choice has been consistent. It varies from fruit, to dried cranberries to yogurt. I am learning, Life will continue to happen, by making subtle changes on my approach, I am feeling more energetic. At a friend’s amazing party over the weekend, I snacked on yummy fruits before going; this resulted in less attack on the appetizer tray and saving my appetite for the main course. Plus reduced guilt on binging on the amazing dessert and the chocolate fondue!! Hehe...

Balancing you see and still managing to eat all the yummy food but not over do it. This week, I do want to step it up. Health permitting, I do want to get back to my gym and carve out sometime for Wii Fit. Keep you posted.