Thursday, July 19, 2018

All I did was Chill!!

In the uber ride at some ungoldly awesome hour,on our way back from Manhattan to my friends place in NJ, the driver said" In NY the you can eat the whole world and experience the whole world"

And to think of it... it's true: Name the cuisine, it's there, you walk around in Time Square and within 20 ft of you there will be at least five different countries being represented. I Guarantee you! It truly is the "melting Pot" where you become one with the city and city becomes one with you.

Before my much awaited trip to NY, a friend asked: What's your plan in NY.
And I thought and instantly replied... well, nothing, just chilling.

For the time that we were in NYC and around... that's what we did... Chill.

Met our closest and oldest friends, played with their mini-me's and bonded, as always got inspired by our older relatives in the city, hugged a friend on a recent heart break, hugged a cousin on new love in their lives, laughed with our kid cousin, started where we left off with some friends, reminisced a lot and truly chilled. 

As I wandered hand in hand with Sumit for a bit in the city, I realise, the glitz and the glamor enamour me- EVERY SINGLE TIME. I am back to being the 12 year old when I visited NYC for the first time in my life.. and the charm, the heart of the ciry still continues to enthrall me.
As Sumit says- NY never gets old.... I somehow feel that's true.

To a trip, filled with chilling, to a city that never really truly sleeps, to re-energising, to re-connecting, to re-becoming young again. NY for me will always be.. a Charming City