Thursday, November 29, 2018

Its going to be a Long Winter!

When you have snow in early November, when you have had a "white" thanks giving, a blizzard, heaters on 24/7 and above all the winter boots are already wearing out from the season... In November: You are going to have a long winter.

My uber driver recently was super chatty and I was complaining over the stupidity of this weather and he said something that got me at a scarcity of words (!):
He said: There is a point and then there is a counter point. that is Life. 
He said: Your point is- Its going to be a long winter. 
         My counterpoint is - Its going to be early winter and then pleasant in December. 

And hmm. I sat back and thought: Well he is correct, isn't the counterpoint what makes us go forward in life.

Isn't a counterpoint all the cliched yet statements that define me looking at life through rose tinted glasses:
"Look at the silver line";
"Light at the end of the tunnel" or even
"Be positive"

These counterpoints help one overcome the hill so to say.
And your hill may just be "Fitting in your old jeans"
Point: I cannot do it, it's too hard
Counterpoint: Well, lets try, baby steps and 5 pounds at a time

Or your hill may feel like a mountain, a cliff: remind yourself of the counterpoint.
It get's tough, it gets easier and what we need to get better at is reminding ourselves that there is a "counterpoint" in the situation.
Keeping up that courage and patience to see it through is what's hard but remind yourself: You have the strength.

But back to the point.. I am sticking with: "Its going to be a long winter"

What's your counterpoint?

Monday, November 5, 2018

Monday Bites: Quick Food Fix: Paneer Bombay Style Roll

Research proves that having dinner as a family is a big deal.

I wish I had a "magic wand":  Dinner is piping hot and ready by the time we come home, center candle is lit, and we can all sit peacefully, laugh, chuckle and enjoy the dinner while sharing about how our day went.

Yes, a dream, a beautiful yet impractical dream.

So we do the next best thing that we can, improvise the implementation. On most days we will eat as a family and have hot piping food, but just "quicker" and "self effort" filled!

This Roll Recipe has been a hit with the kids and adults equal. It fits my "under 25 minute" rule and is rich, delicious and healthy
Here is a variation with potato I had made a while back" Potato Kathi Roll.

Name: Paneer Bombay Style roll/ Kathi Roll

For Filling
1/2 Onion: Chopped in biggish squares
1/2 Bell Pepper: Chopped in biggish squares
1/2 Tomato: Chopped in biggish squares
1/2 cup Paneer: Chopped in biggish squares
1 tsp ginger
Olive Oil
1 tsp Jeera
2 tsp Shahi Paneer Mix
Salt: per taste
1 tsp Chia Seeds
1/2 tsp Cinamom

For Roll
Frozen Malasian Paratha
Sliced Onion: 1/4 cup
Bhujia: per taste
Yogurt: less than one cup
Spicy chutney

For filling:
1. Heat the olive oil and add the jeera
2. Once spluttering, add all other filling ingredients
3. Let it simmer and saute till onions are cooked
4. Mix well: Note you can add 1 tsp of yogurt for a creamy texture.

1. Prepare the Malaysian Paratha on pan per instructions
2. With a butter knife, spread yogurt
3. Add the filling (I also added left over rice, but optional!)
4. Add Bhujia, Sliced onion and spicy chutney/ achaar per taste

Roll in Foil and Enjoy!!!

Here is our version of "Bombay Wraps/ Kathi Roll/ Paneer Roll"

A quick dinner served with style!

Kids devoured it and I shot myself in the foot, supportive husband said: Well, now this we can make at home, so no restaurant needed for the "Roll Fix"