Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday ewwwww....

In my attempt to getting fit the "right way", I am sticking to packing lunches, eating regular food, but avoiding eating out on weekdays.
A. Its healthier meal, B. "You don’t get "eww'eD
Let me start from the top, you know, I am a vegetarian. I am one of those annoying people in restaurants, who will take ten minutes to order something. I stop short of having the waiter: repeat after me "No Meat, No Egg, No fish Sauce, No Broth... and so on" You get the idea. This has not deterred me from eating out, I love it. If calories, budget and time were no constraint, I'd probably eat out more often.
Today, being a Friday and all, I decided to break the rut of the heavy week. A colleague and I stopped at this small, nice Chinese place for lunch. They always have managed giving me my super precise vegetarian meals. It helps, that they have an open kitchen, and I actually see the guy putting in everything in front of me. My colleague ordered his meal with a smoothie. I think he wanted an Avocado-something one, but they didn’t have it. So he asked for Banana which again they didn’t have, so he settled on Mango.
We get our meal, we are sitting. Opening our To-Go packets (even after we told the cashier, it's for here!). His Mango smoothie arrives. Now, my lunch buddy was not overjoyed with the Mango selection, but whatever. It s warm outside, and he deserved a smoothie, Simple. So we start eating.
In a couple of minutes, the cashier came to our table and asked my colleague, do you still want the avocado -something smoothie. They must've realized, they had the ingredients after all. He agreed to it. We both laughed and said: Ok, maybe they realized their mistake and wanted to make up for it by giving the right smoothie for the guy. In my mind, my buddy was already set for 2 at the price of 1. Which by the way is common hospitality courtesy: you make a mistake, you don’t ask the customer to pay for it.
Anyways, the green smoothie comes, the cashier, without asking takes the Mango one away. We were dumb founded. WTH! Oh well, thumbs down, right there. We go into lengthy conversation of how un-professional that was and so on. But anyways, we continue to eat. Suddenly, the guy on the table next table has a mango smoothie in his hands. I was surprised, since I didn’t hear a blender et al> So under pretense of water, I go to check it out. The open kitchen had the blender still with remnants of the green smoothie. The cashier/ OMG hold your breath/ re-cycled the mango smoothie to give to this new customer!

We both were grossed out. Of course that place is off limits to our in-frequent lunches. I really do hope he at least changed the straw... eeew still!

So now, in addition to being super careful while ordering food and standing there until it gets cooked, I have to now start following the server until it gets delivered to my table “just in case" you see!
I think I am reverting to my home-packed lunches. Thank You very much.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's going to be different this year!!!

And it dawns on me... thanks to slick advertisements on TV and grocery store with cards, and baskets and me getting emails: this deal that deal for this day that I know Mother’s Day is coming.
One evening, while seeing one of those cute (cheesy) advertisements for mother's day, I asked SD: So when is it this year? He was as clueless as me. And yes, in all fairness, I am as clueless about Father's Day as well. I am sure the slick advertisements will tell me.
I googled, and now I know: May 9th. Perfect, Sunday! I could head for brunch with family. SD could get me a card, V will definitely have an art project and a lovely gift waiting for me. I will call my mother and mother in law, and wish them. And maybe I would write a mushy post after about how great the day was! On how I got pampered; or how, I could sleep in and not worry about a thing.
But wait a minute. I am fine if it turns out to be just another lovely Sunday. I will be fine cheering for SD's cricket game or getting up earlier to cook up V's favorite breakfast, or head out to zoo! It could be more than what Hallmark dictates it to be. Don't get me wrong, I love hallmark Day's. No harm done is my take.
Remainder of the year, SD will continue to volunteer to help clean up dishes. V will shower me with unexpected kisses and cute one-liners. My mother’s will mean as much as any other day. I will still consult my mother on OMG, How to I store this. Or ask my mother in law, how to cook this! They will be equally supportive. SD will continue to do his bit to support my crazy endeavors, stepping up to let me chill with my girls or simply be him and cheer me along. My friends will continue to help me out when I really need to shower or just pee and V needs to be fed!
So you know what, every day, is a mother's day for me.
Hmm, so may be, this year, I will reverse Mother's day meaning. It might just become a day, when I thank all the special people in my life, who help out in big and small ways to make me a better person, a better mother and happier self! Yes, that's going to be my mother's day gift to others!

Brunch at my place, while they put their feet up and relax, I thank them for being wonderful to a confused mother through the year!

Monday, April 26, 2010

My Love-Love relationship with the Tiny Yellow Paper.

Wow.... lovely news: Post-it's those cute irreplaceable yellow color sticky's turned 30!

They have been in existence for 30 years. And I can’t help but wonder how people managed before them.
People count on my organization and planning skill sets and I count on the Post-It’s! For me, if Post-it's were not there, my life would have been: A disorganized mess!
I swear by Post-It's ever since high school. They were my bookmarks. My notes were color coded with them for the exam time. Yellow for quick reminders, Pink for important, and blue for Have to read before entering the exam hall!
In my masters, I would use the cute fly tags for all my papers. Yes, they were color coded as well!
My friends had banned me from walking down the stationary isle anywhere, since I would need that must have Post-It for something. I remember going to my friend’s office and found myself in his stationary cabinet. I swear he had to pull me out of there! I genuinely thought, I would get over my fascination for the little paper.
But now in work life, personal life, Post-it's have infiltrated even more. I actually worked on a project where we had Post-It's on the wall to signify the progress. Yellow for test team, Blue for DBA and Green for developers. Pink was used for red flags I think. See it’s not only me. It was a group of very smart, efficient workers relying on Post-It’s. I remember making a presentation about Agile technology and talking at least twenty minutes about our post-it usage and the pattern in our madness!
On my desk even now, I will have post it's as to do's. For notes, for back tags, for meeting pointers.
I even use them in the house. I have a magnetic strip post-it. My grocery and to buy things are maintained there. My recipe books are tagged with them. Just last night, I was telling SD, I will put Post-its spelling out basic words like "Door", "Toys" for V to start reading in context of the object. Implying, the next time you come over, in addition to V's art projects, you will see Post-It art around the house!
On our trips, the plan-o-holic me, makes a folder of basic stuff life: Flight reservations, car rental papers, one set of directions (even though we carry GPS) and oh yes, The List. They are separated by my post-it’s as separators.
No, I am not crazy. I am just Post-It addicted! I still get weak kneed if I see a new style of Post it's in stationary rows. Trust me; I could cook up a need for them. My friends trained me well; I avoid going to the stationary row even now. But I would, if I could!
Happy Birthday Post-It! To your new and ever evolving life ahead!

Week 3 update.....

Rollercoaster... has its highs and lows. The rush of OMG OMG; and the feeling of: Am I crazy doing this? That's how this whole "Getting Fit" phase is coming along!
This attempt is for me to choose a healthier lifestyle, make better choices and at the same time, continue to be me. Since, knowing me, if I do anything drastic, I will not be able to sustain it. Yes, losing the extra pounds is definitely a motivation!
This week went off better. Sadly, I could hit the gym only one day. BUT, I walked from office to home (Just over a mile and a half) on the remaining days. Mind you, I wear my sneakers and it's a brisk walk. The Chicago tease of spring is not helping, but you got to do what you can. Plus every day, I managed doing basic stretches etc. So though not the perfect week, it was a more consistent one.
My learning’s this week: Try having early dinners. If you have guests and you know it's gonna get crazy, it's okay to eat a bit before! Like you, when I cook a lot, I don’t feel hungry until much later and then I do tend to eat a bit more than normal. This time, I cut my fruit up before I started to cook. Felt fuller and more cheerful.
And yes, do make your food chart! It does wonders. I just realized, this week I snacked more on the yummy Namkeen than the fruit ;-)
My tempo is setting in, and I am realizing, it's not that hard. :-D Week 4.... Here I come!

Updated title: it's actual Week 3 update.. Man I am getting ahead of myself!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Daddy's Little Girl

Bring your child to work day... how exciting right?
I was in a bunch of meeting, smiling at the young girl doodling away, while her dad: My colleague and I discussed important work issues. I can only imagine the thoughts of the little kid at a place her daddy went every day!
As a kid, I don’t remember having a Go to work day. However, I do remember walking from school to my dad's office on humid afternoons once in a while after basket ball practice, just so I didn’t have to take the bus home and oh yes, see my father sooner.
I would tidy up my mud covered school uniform, enter his corner office. Air-conditioned office. Which you would know means a lot after walking a couple of blocks in afternoon Mumbai heat. What a relaxing office! I always wondered how he got any work done with the constant calls, running from one room to other, answering questions and dictating his notes to his secretary. And in the middle of it, how could he ever focus while his office over-looked the lovely Arabian Sea!
But I enjoyed watching him work. I admired his resilience, his passion for work and yes his constant questions to me: "Not bored, right?"
I liked going to his office for two reasons: One, avoid the afternoon mad rush in a bus so I can get a lift back home in the air-conditioned car and second to get pampered. The minute I entered his office, he or his secretary would offer cold drinks, sandwiches, chips. Anything. For them, I was a little girl who always smiled and proudly showed her report card. I think. But for me, they were amazing people; very hardworking, always wanting to pat my back and of course ensuring those three to four hours in his office were full of entertainment. Well, as much entertainment as office walls could provide.
But honestly, I never did exactly understand what my father did in office until much later. And may be that little girl doodling in meeting room would not either.
At the end of the day, both of us-me and the doodling little girl are the same. In awe, in admiration of our dads and super excited at the treats his colleagues offer us. We never will understand why our dad's had those limited bad days at work as they were surrounded with wonderful views and lovely co-workers, meetings which meant meeting more wonderful people, working during the day and no homework, and oh yes, endless glasses of soda. Did I mention no school uniform!
Ahh! Can I go back in time, and go to his office once more as a little girl, asking for club sandwich with ketchup on side? And this time, I promise I won’t be a slob and finish my homework on time!
Office: Is a child's fascination and an adults reality. But it’s the perspective that matters right!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day... hmmm

So the Earth day dawns on me tomorrow. Why is it there, what is the purpose. The lovely Wikipedia gives me the answers.
How did I find out about it? Advertisements: There was the Turn the light for an hour campaign. I cheered along but could not follow through. I don’t think 11 in the night counts. There is the Wear a Jeans day with a Green T at a work place just to show the united front. Well, I probably will do that. And then of course, its innumerable articles, posts etc I am reading about it.
How does it affect me is the question: Right now: To be very blunt, in no possible way.
How does it affect me in the future: In every possible way.
Being green, going green is not a one day thing; it’s a habit we have to form. A simple habit as well> for right now, out of convenience, I am doing what I can.
Walking home to enjoy the Chicago spring breeze => One car less on the road.
Either carrying my own shopping bags or fitting all in one big bag => enough plastic spillage.
Really trying to potty train my daughter => Don’t want more than 2 years of diapers in the environment.
Water usage limiting => This is hard, but well, for now, I am just not wasteful.
Lights => Oh yes, turning them off the minute I step out of the room.
Chargers => Trying to remember to unplug the chargers from the walls: Vampire power I think it’s called.
Using Cloth swipes more => Than paper swipes at least. It’s hard.
And a few simple other things like barely any hair dryer, limited oven usage and oh yes... definitely recycling!
Now will these small things matter in the long run? I really hope so. Will I find out in my lifetime? I doubt it. But I am sure, my daughter will! So maybe I am doing simple things for her. May be if all of us can do simple things, it might make a bigger difference and we might see the benefits in our lifetime.

Want to try with me?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 2 Report! Urgh, Damn, Urgh!!!!

Ok...this week was really bad. Really Really bad! Besides being a crazy week, it turned out to be a Lazy week. I hit the gym 1 time, and rest of the days, I didn’t couldn't wouldn't do anything else. I was actually regretting talking about my 'attempt' on my blog. Since now I have to honestly own up to it. I can't let this attempt of getting fitter sweep under the rug like one of the previous ones and move on with life. No! Thanks, to this blog I have to at least see through the eight weeks (Now 6) Damn! Why oh why, did I actually publish this!
Urgh! That’s me being honest, and yes I know the whole crap of “it’s good for you, and being physically fit it better in the long run” and” I am doing the right way”, but urgh!
But it did get me thinking on a Saturday afternoon, while I was just checking emails, catching up on blogs and facebook of course. Why, don’t I go to the gym now? And that’s what I did. It felt good and luckily my motivation came back in full force! Well almost full force.
Main improvement during this week was my food chart. Well spaced out, filling meals and guess what I managed a healthy breakfast as well on a couple of days. And the Wii Fit, we will find out tonight!
And as I just re-read the words above, I am realizing maybe it’s a good thing to talk about this. May be I will actually follow through. May be just to improve my weekly report, I will do it. Ok. Self motivation, SD-motivation back, blog-motivation back! Phew. I should, I must and I will!!! Week 3, I will try to be better… I will Try honestly try!
Guys Help please.............

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Famos Five tags!

Shilpa @ Shona Writes... thanks for the Tag. Was really sweet of you. :-D This was hard! Ok.. so here is my take on the Famous Five

5 Gloriously Horrifyingly Dumb Movies:
This is hard, since I am known to turn off those really really stupid movies… But I will try:
1. Ghost of girlfriends past: Seriously? The name seemed so cute, thought would be a nice chick flick. It turned out to be a masala movie with really really bad story line, expected turns and overall: Crappy
2. Blue: Again, with the star cast, the music, I was all for it. A movie shot under ocean, a great achievement for Bollywood. I saw it. Well till interval. Since I could not take it anymore! Urgh!
3. Shakti, The power: Urgh Urgh, Urgh! And a little bit more of urgh! I know, I should have not gone in the theater with a movie name like that!
4. Drona: Ok, I adore AB. Seriously I do, but this movie was really bad. But I had to see the whole movie, thanks to AB being in it. But still, atrociously bad movie.
5. Sweet November: Nothing sweet about this one I tell you. Another one, which I just could not complete. I have tried twice, seriously.

5 accessories you can create out of food
1. Carrots: Take 24 carrots, tie them to a strong string, make a necklace! Tada: A 24 Carrot necklace! And no don’t try it on your spouses, beloved people!
2. Macaroni: Color them; string them together to make necklaces, bracelets, belts. Learned it from my daughter’s craft class. Hehe.
3. Toothpaste: Not technically food, but when everyone else is sleeping, take the toothpaste, make a beard/ a muchi on someone. Perfect. Don’t tell me you have not done that yet!
4. Seeds: Ok, honestly I own one of these. Didn’t make it, but bought it. Some colorful seeds, dry them up and string them together for necklaces. Super light, super cool and funky as hell! In Puerto Rico etc, its big business.
5. Apple: Core the apple, cut in slices. My daughter uses it like a ring! ;-)

5 places where you won’t be seen dead at
Hmmm. Hmmm
1. Shady club: Now it’s a family friendly blog, but you know the kind I am talking about.
2. Horror House in night: Hell no, thank you very much.
3. Sky diving all by myself. Hah! Doing it the first time with tandem was great. Second time. Oops.
4. Deli Shop: I am a hard core vegetarian you see!
5. DSW: Ok, thanks to my shoe fetish, I love this place, and would be mortified if SD saw me “just checking out shoes” yet again!

5 people you’d love to hit, anytime, anywhere
Yes, I am peace loving, but seriously: 5 is too less a number!
Anyone who say’s:
1. Girls can’t do it: Get ready for it, since I will have hundred arguments with you right now.
2. So, what’s your baby program: You have to read the post to figure out why I get so angsty about it.
Anyone who:
3. Speaks rudely to his wife/ her hubby or the significant other. Come on, man, they are human too. Count to ten and then talk.
4. Cuts the line ahead of me without asking, apologizing or acknowledging.
5. Says a word against my cooking: ;-) So the last one is a joke! Is it? Is it? Haha.

5 things you’d do to scare anybody
1. Tell a scary story. If they don’t giggle midway, I have succeeded.
2. Tell them, who’s that behind you, when truly there is no one.
3.Put red toothpaste on their nose and wait till morning.
Get one of those pranksters’ kit and figure out what I want to do.
4. Scream: “Scared!!!”
5. Cry....hehe

This was so much fun... and yes, my favorite part: I get to re-tag
Priyanka: Lady, still waiting for your Eight's as well
Lakshmi: It's been a while... and will be fun to read
Piper: Just to get to know you a bit better
Neetu: Lazy, get back to writing!
Tina: Testing, to see if you still reading my blogs.. hehe

Monday, April 12, 2010

Getting Fit: Week 1 report

Why is getting fit so hard... well since the results show very slowly.
Now, Week 1 into it, I did hit the gym 3 times, but minus a Sunday, I did some sort of stretches, yoga or excercises all other days. Cool naah? Felt better, was chirpier in the mornings, and super exhausted by nights. Sadly, since I am not a morning person, the gym only fits in my schedule later in the night. Which is fine, since I do have early dinners.Another advantage of going in the night: It ensures I dont have a heavier dinner but a more filling one: Confused: Now, since dinners are the only meal, I can have with my family, it tends to be more elaborate, more creative and well I do tend to eat a bit more. So now to still reap family time benefits and make it better, I am trying to start off with Soup often. This fills me up, and my dinner portion automatically reduces making me feel lighter during workouts. And yes, 3 hours dinner prior to gym is OK. I googled! ;-)
My food chart: Yes, I realised my own worst nightmare. I am a snacker. Since more often than not, I skip breakfast, my mornings are a bit snacky until lunch. And now since I am a bit full at lunch, i dont finish my lunch. Getting me hungry around 4. Thats when i tend to finish the remainder of my lunch. Yes, eating at frequent intervals does tend to increase metabolism. However, I have realised, all my snacking is sometimes not as healthy: So now my packed lunch includes some additional healthier snacks like: extra fruit, dried cranberries, yogurt, a small chocolate (I said before, I am looking at getting fitter and not changing myself over it!Ok!) etc. Now, I know i should start breakfast more seriously... hmm.. For now, lets stick to healthier snacks, am sure I will get around to improving breakfast quality.
Oh my Wii Fit profile... sadly it does not show any weight decrease.. Hmm! Mind you, its on a weekly progress. Oh well, at least, I am doing something about it.
Next week, there better be some pound decrease or clothes loosening!

Thanks for all the support over messages, emails and chat windows. Feels good in a funny way, am not alone. Amongst other things, a dear friend recommended the following: Share your food log with three other people, will keep you honest. Hmm. Though its hard to share your vulnerability, I am doing it! Well with one other person for now.
Now, I must confess, this week was super crazy and I did eat a whole load of desserts which I normally would not! Next week's goal: Resist temptation!
Lets see how Week 2 progresses.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Technically S****ed!

A lot has been read, written, shared, discussed, debated, condoned, and laughed about this whole Shoaib- Sania debacle. The Shoaib- Ayesha phone marriage, The Shoaib- Sania tie up, The Sania break up, the love story, the patriotism, the location of post marital bliss, the guest list and so on! Just Google and you will find the answers.
So, I don’t want to write about this whole thing and my take and my opinions. Since honestly, it does not matter.
What I do want to write about is technology’s ‘interference’ in today's modern courtship, marriages, break-up's and its strain on relationships.
Phone, emails, web chats, FB's, Twitter, Orkut and I don’t know how many other ways are there to communicate with your sweetheart. Just may be check up on them, drop a quick note, check them out or simply let the other know you are thinking about them.
In case you are cheating (Shame on you); there is not the strand of hair or the lipstick mark your spouse will be looking out for. It’s the internet print! It’s the online statements, the phone records and may be the emails. The main flip side of technology is too much in touch. There are times when I would try to reach SD on any of the three numbers and 2 emails, just to let him know: V did this! For that moment, if he is in a meeting or no, doesn’t matter, the achievement could not wait, you see.
I remember a while ago, on a girl’s night out. All of us made the conscious decision of leaving the cell phones in the purse and not touch them. Trust me, the powder breaks were more than often that night.
We need to be in touch; else we will feel left out. Technology just makes it easier.
Phones are just not simple anymore. You can access anything and everything from that tiny thing you lug around! From the ‘mini-machine’ you can update FB: ‘Your wife packed you Masala Dosa's for lunch.’ "Awwww" yes, but seriously, now I am craving it, and there is no Udipi in my area.
Somehow, gone are the days where love, passion was a feeling, a sensation, a feel good thought. It was more about coy looks, shy smiles, reading letters, hiding the blush, waiting for that one call, one visit. Now it’s more about sharing the pictures, the text's, discussing the break up’s, and above all: Leaving it all open. On the phone, the web enabled phone (Is there any other kind, you ask!)
Recently, I asked a friend, so any one special? Her goofy response: When FB tells you, you'd know. I was taken aback, but let it be.
Now how does this all tie back to the Shoaib-Sania story? Imagine 2 decades ago, a call overseas would be a trunk call. For which both the parties would have book the call, wait by the phone. Wait, wait and then wait some more. When the call finally came through, may be one of the witnesses went to the rest room. So now, you still cannot get married, since you can’t be on the phone while the witness takes a tinkle. It’s way too expensive. So you request the operator to re-call in a bit. You howl at the witness on the return and then wait again. No one is allowed to eat or drink now. The call comes in, but no speaker phone right? So for the witnesses to hear, both parties will have to speak their commitment multiple times. Remember: “Haan Bhai Haan!” Now, within this duration, the call get cut sometimes, the lights go out or simple: You are screaming into the phone, since the other side can barely hear!
It’s too stressful! So you call it a day. Book your train tickets to the place, get married and have a legit proof of the marriage: “Two people side by side, holding their hands and making the most important commitment of their lives" with the witnesses physically present and not over Telephone. And yes with food and merriment.
So Shoaib: it's not your fault really to get “tricked” in this phone marriage: It’s the cell phone company’s fault to make it so easy to call with caller ID on. Techonolgy screwed it up for you. Sorry.
Just one question lingers in my mind: How come none of the parties recorded this call? Wouldn’t you save all the marriage pictures, why not the recording?

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh..Got to go, the RSS feed on my phone shows a recent development on this scandal: Sania's statement!

Friday, April 2, 2010


So... I am generally very relaxed, satisfied and over all very happy. But there is this one thing about me, recently, which I am getting increasingly annoyed with! Don't guess- I will say it: out in the open World Wide Web, with the limited readers reading this: I have been.. umm.. uhh.. well gaining unnecessary pounds lately! Completely my fault- Call it being, lazy, being ignorant, slightly hormonal (OMG-I said that) and above all- careless!
Yes, I am a foodie and I can just never ‘stomach’ a diet plan. I have tried, but never succeeded. I enjoy cooking, eating new things and really love the satisfied smile of near and dear ones, as the meal is gobbled up! I have made a conclusion for myself: I should work towards getting fit and not change myself for it. SD once mentioned during "dieting" tries- Food modifications make you cranky! I shrugged... but I know he was right!
So, I can do one of two things... One: Really crossing my fingers and hoping the pounds shed by themselves, body gets healthier and I get fitter(Well not worked so far, I tell you!) or something about it.. like.. hmm...may be set a goal, work towards it and above all, try to enjoy the process!
This blog is like my own little journal, I am introducing a new tag/ category today: "Getting Fit" this is the first post of hopefully many to come in this! As I like to say it: It's a Start!

So here is my Three Step Plan
1. Make a log: Of all I eat during the day, my meals, my snacks, my OMG-I-Ate-A-Chocolate, my eating habits pretty much!
2. Work Out: Hit the gym, climb the stairs, do the stretches and oh yes loose the hmmm.. flab! And yes, mopping the floor post dinner after V does count! So I am going to not be hard on myself about missing a day!
3. Chart the weight: And not make it public. In my case, I am hoping to use Wii Fit to help me chart it weekly!

My "A-Ha! I need to do this" besides my family being super concerned about my well being and the whole past month of jeans getting slightly, how do I put it lightly- tighter around the middle portion- was last Saturday: I went to the gym, saw my stamina in 45 minutes, was ashamed, super guilty and said: Enough is Enough!

Of course, I am following my own principle: One step at a time principle! My end point: 8 weeks starting from April 4th! Ending: Look at the calendar: May 28th! (Just before the Long Weekend! Yee Yaah)
I know, 8 weeks is a short time, But I believe in setting small achievable goals and then increase them slowly. I am hoping to start the momentum in these eight weeks for a long path of healthier choices ahead.
Honestly, I know life will happen, there will be school events, parties, gatherings, social life, parenting life, couple life, working life, House life, and all other things which seem to always be on my calendar! Well, for me, I am adding one more thing" Being healthier!"
So anyways, in case you interested in helping me out, helping yourself out or just want to join me this much needed ‘"loosing the paunch and making it fun!" (Yes, even I am shaking in disbelief right now!)’, Let me know.
We can figure out a way to be creative, to achieve our goals, to be supportive, may be even competitive about it... but above all, just be in the journey together and hopefully set a fitter example for the little ones! (Well at least that’s my reason!)
Else… help me be honest on this blog! :-D