Monday, May 13, 2019

Anti-Climactic Mothers Day!!!

When I look back now, i think it was very Relaxed , but at that time I was feeling "Cheated" and that was maybe because I was "Entitled" to it!
Plus now I truly feel how pressured a "hallmark holiday" can be!

So it all started with: " We have a plan for Mother's Day"
Breakfast in bed, a bike ride, a picnic in park, a lovely dinner with closest friends like family to celebrate all mothers, grand mothers and a day of pampering (aka my pampering)

And let me just say...."It was anti-climactic"
There were "tantrums" mainly mine. Overly dramatic... since i am like, its mothers day and its all about me and my MIL. (Read: Entitlement syndrome) But it wasn't. So i yelled (Sort of politely "not").
I gave myself a "Timeout" and folded two loads of laundry.
I gave myself a "Timeout" again and then cleaned up feverishly.
I gave myself a "Timeout" again and then just stomped my feet around the house like a BIG baby.

We (The Girlies and I) did make up by the afternoon over some hugs, some more hugs and some flowers... Always Flowers!
And then the day improved..... We were snuggling in and watching a movie, getting misty eyed when the Indian national anthem played in the movie and kids laughing at me. I should have fond memories of a lavish lunch and an even more lavish colorful dinner at home. Above all I should have the fondest memories of the bubble bath with the girls and having a "bubbles" funky hair!

So yep..... but I will remember "my own tantrums" from this Mother's Day and I do really wish the girls remember the "bubble bath fight"  instead. Time will tell!

But that is parenting, some good, some bad.... and not always perfect.
I had wished my mom-friends in the morning
"Happiest Mothers Day... these kids make us stronger, weaker, happier and angrier with all the emotions in between! May we have the continued patience to love them more than we already do"

I just didn't know that that's exactly how my day will go!