Monday, August 24, 2009

Anyway what’s your baby program?

What!!! Yes, I actually came across this on Facebook. Yes.. in full public view.. and for all to read.. and smile/ smirk. Now, as a disclaimer in all honesty, i don’t know the person and how close was the interrogator to that person, and it may be okay for her to be asked that question.. but OMG>. did it stir up some emotions in me! This is one unchartered territory, even for the talkative, inquisitive me!!

Being away from India for a couple of years has influenced my thinking when it comes to people's privacy. A friend of mine reminded me, some people will very blatantly very personal questions as - So what is your salary? Aren’t you trying for a baby since 6 months?, So, HOW iss your wife? I mean seriously!!!!
I am trying to live by the quotation: "Do unto others as others do to you!" simple. I conform to it by asking those questions, that I don’t mind answering myself. Give people’s privacy some respect man! Even with close friends, we might tease each other about kids et al and say.. the "chotu xxx" but its all in jest, I am definitely not going to blatantly ask that "anyway what’s your baby program?"

For me, one, its very rude and two, mind your own business. Yes, of course like any Indian couple, my extended family would always ask us, so when do we get the good news!! When do you become two to three and so on.. I still remember some sheepish person at the wedding... winking the eyes and telling me a few days after the wedding- Shaadi ka proof in a year naah!! What..OMG!!! I was bottom lined embarrassed, and yes was about to punch that person's face.. but the choodi ridden and mehendi colored hands of mine shied away from that. But i did get my revenge, the day the cousin got married; I did ask them the same question ;-) (In a more subtle way of course!) Evil me! I know!

I don’t even ask my SIL's, cousins or friends that! In some cases, Yes, I would drop enough hints.. (Naughty wink!) and sometimes even say it out loud, but when its only us! Them and us and not the "250+" friends on FB looking at that question! Urgh..

It's a very personal question, SD and I are very happy parents of a toddler now, and still there are times, when I am asked- so when does V get a sibling? She is the only one, you should have another one!!! .. It never ends does it? I mean come on.. Stop... "Anyway’s its our baby program, so please.. let us figure it out!"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You are in bliss when....

You get up in the morning.. have the coffee already brewed! Head out.. sip on coffee in the backyard overlooking the beach! Read the paper.. and then tell the chef what you'd like for b-fast..or even fix it for yourself!
The kid is ready for school and you make the nice scenic drive to kiss her on the forehead, and drop her off.
Head back home then go for a nice swim, relax, come back out! And then call up one of the girl friends for lunch. Or even better, get ready post a healthy meal, and then work- work can be anything, it can be you working on a book, doing art work, owning a lovely boutique, having a well established business and you can WFh when you feel like it..Hmm.. so the basic undertone, is you are self employed.
You do the necessary work, and you love the job(it pays the bill come on..). Go for a jog, come back, pick your daughter up.. and have the evening dedicated to her... Hubby is back.. and you all have a healthy scrumptious dinner! The clean up- hmm, you have help at home! You make sure things are in order. The kid snoozes at sleep time, and the couple takes off.. once again in the backyard to enjoy the lovely sea side breeze and the walk on the beach with the cool moist sand touching your feet..and you enjoying the stroll knowing that your family is well fed, loved, and safe.....and by your side! You are in bliss!

Screeeeeeeeech halt! tring tring! Its 6:35 alarm! You wake up with a heavy head! Pull yourself out of bed! Stumble to the kitchen counter, start the coffee, put the bagels on toast, get the cereal boxes out, chop up the fruit, pack the lunches! Meanwhile, the other half is getting the kiddo ready for school, and getting ready himself! You sprint back in the shower, take a quick one, and the clothes are laid out from the night before. You dress up. Head out to meet the family for B-fast! Its 7:45... Esh! You pack up everything, clean up the kitchen and head out- Drop the kid to school in the treacherous traffic! Go to work! Have a working lunch.. and then in the evening, pick the kid back up! Have the evening dedicated to her (while the dinner is being prepared by the crock pots, and the ovens and loads of pre-planning!)....Hubby is back.. and you all have a healthy scrumptious dinner! The clean up- hmm, You make even the sink sparkle!! You make a quick dash to the gym.. and then You make sure things are in order. The kid snoozes at sleep time, and the couple takes off.. but this time in the living room, with the kid tucked safely in her crib! You are on the couch with your feet up, sitting by him ..and enjoying the warm breath, and a reading a lovely book.... knowing that your family is well fed, loved, and safe.. and by your side! You are in bliss!

Bottom Line: Life is good!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Gals.. and there shoes!

What is it with us girls and shoes... and the only reason i say girls.. is that there are very few guys i know who ponder over shoes.. Except one- a very dear friend of mine has formed a FB group for people following his shoes.. i swear! And he has an amazing collection as well. But back to my point... What’s with us and shoes..

We go to a party... do the socializing part, and then ponder with girl friends, oh.. such lovely shoes, such a tacky pair, oh hot combo.... and of course.. i want something like this! Very rarely the same.. but something like it! Agreed, similar stories for clothes, and purses and accessories.. but for today, I will talk about shoes. There have been endless times.. when back in the car, I would tell SD< oh did you see her lovely shoes.. and he would shrug it off and say:"What!, no I didn’t, but I did like the food!" And if i say the same thing to my girlfriend, she would nod; and we’d have an excited conversation about it.

I still remember that quote from Bend It like Beckam- “Shoes- one black and one white pair, that goes with everything!” Oh man, I was in splits.. I had heard it before!!!
Without generalizing, at an Indian wedding, the guest will wear the fanciest of clothes, heaviest of jewelry, gorgeous hair do's.. But when it comes to there shoes/ sandals..... it will one basic pair- there reasoning.. oh its so hidden under the saree/ lehenga/ salwar suit.. no one looks there! Yes people look... you cannot be wearing black Bata slippers at a wedding in Taj! :-D (Man, i sound like a bitchy snob right now!)

I had decided this summer, to not buy any shoes for 6 months.. and i was doing perfect.. for 5.5 months.... over the last week, i bought myself two new gorgeous pair of shoes... and with barely any place in my shoe closet to fit them... But of course, i will not frown, and tell SD.. oh i will just make them fit there.. Knowing very well.. That time comes to go out; it takes me 20 minutes to just get the pair out. (I have to lift shoe boxes, re-arrange them..and then find them!) Phew.. But trust me.. Its worth the effort. For me, I get ready in 5 minutes for most occasions.. What takes me the longest is finding the right shoes! I swear, We can never have enough shoes.

My girl friend’s shoe collections will put all to shame... and we can talk endlessly about the same as well! I remember watching Sex and the City.. oh for Carrie's shoes.. and the Manolo Blahnik.> Man.. When i can put my hand on them...or more correctly, my feet in them.

No matter what, there will always be this one cut, this one color, this one style.. which we will not have. And will crave to get them. And yes, we take immense pleasure in wearing the high heels for a evening out.. and nurse our feet the next day! I know when i had a knee injury, I was so bummed out.. that i had to only wear flats for almost two years... so wow! My justification: And I am making up for it now.. the new shoes for my evening out tonight!

So though I am guilty for breaking my pledge…. The pleasure of the new shoes is more overpowering.. and I say: “Come on.. I deserve it!”

Is it only me?