Thursday, March 31, 2011

Late Twenties!

This is probably the last day that I can say, I am late twenties when someone asks- How old are you?
Simple. Last day that I can say- Not yet thirty!
Simple. Last day I could possibly tease most of my friends... haha.. Not thirty yet!
and... Sooooooooooooooooooooob....
One, I know all those friends whom I troubled when they turned thirty, will come back to haunt me. And second, flip... I am no more.. Late twenties.
I always said, I will be 25 till I turn 30 and then stay 30 until I turn 40! Holy crap, I have no idea, what being 30 equals. In my mind, I am still a kid, the pampered one of the family. Yes, I am a mother of three year old.. and even that does not make me feel old- I keep repeating, Being younger parents is fun.
Suddenly as I am almost freaking thirty... saying 'being younger parents' just does not seem right. I am definitely not middle aged! Today, I am definitely twenty something, But tomorrow I will be thirty. Woah!. I don’t know how to deal with that!

I know age is a number, it’s in the mind. I know a few 55 year olds who can rock the floor dancing and a few 22 year olds who don’t get off the couch. It's about perception and being young, fit in the mind. I get all that.
But shit, now I have to practice it!
Yes, I am kinda, sorta freaking out.. ..wait a min.. should 'thirty' years old use words like "kinda sorta" hmmmmmmmmm... well screw this. I will! Deal with it.

Happy Birthday to me... its 3-'oh' time!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This is it...

More than the Friday's there is one day, rather one evening I look forward to the most nowadays: My Wednesday evenings... They mark the beginning of new traditions- It is a mid week break for all the girls to meet up, chill, catch up, giggle, laugh, be obnoxious, gossip and bitch! Perfect girl’s night. Three weeks in a row... we are on with this. And yes, we return to work the next day with red eyes and caffeine in our systems. But its so worth it.
It’s nothing fancy... it can be ordered in food, or leftover food from the night before or a nice restaurant. What's important is that we meet up. Let our hair down and have a blast. We have had our kids in the next room, hubbies coming in early to pick up the kid before the wild conversations begin. It does not matter. What matters is - We meet up.
Does it get boring? Probably you have not hung out with enough girls. We always have something to say and something to giggle about! It's always fun.
I have gossiped like there is no tomorrow, I have chatted till my jaws hurt, laughed till I peed in my pants, giggled till my voice went bad, and literally 'chillaxed' with my girls.
No rules... call whoever, be wherever, do whatever.... just one thing: Leave worries away! That's my Wednesday nights now!

Girls night is about the hi-fives, the hugs, the blown kisses, the laughter, the cheering, the ooh's, aah's, aawww's and nothing beats the all knowing nod of: "I get it".

As I get dinner and other things ready for hubby and daughter to have their bonding time... I am just looking forward to one thing- My Wednesday for my bonding time with my girls!

To Wednesday's!

PS: The post is going live when I am probaly just chilling with my girls.... Go Figure!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Non-Post: Number 2

I know I know.. I have been lazy at writing. I was this close to put up a post and say: "Out of Office, be back in some time"
Some time= when creative juices start flowing again.
But I said... no, that's not fair. to myself and my blog.
I started this blog very whimsically.... and I am thoroughly enjoying it now. So.. i should not put something on back burner just because.
So yes, this once qualifies.. as a non-post. I had a writer's rather blogger's block a while ago... I think that was better worded than this.
I should really stop and not make a bigger fool of myself than I already have. Please bear with this non-post and I promise a more interesting post will come up soon. And meanwhile... feel free to stop by my Mommy In Making blog for some (hopefully fun) reads..

Monday, March 21, 2011


From a very delightful weekend. This weekend goes in one of those I call: "Memorable".
It ranges from lone time in rajai, a good book "Lunch In Paris" and warm tea to all the hooligan madness of Holi which I played after a decade and was V's first time as well. Good times. We met a lot of friends, enjoyed family brunches which took me back to India just like I was at my parents home, we stayed in bed and cuddled V and had V jump all over the bed with a monkey in her hand. We went for a movie Hop with V thanks to Allied Integrated Marketing (AIM) for offering preview tickets to my family just in time for Easter. It is a delightful movie for kids. Wait for April 1 and then definitely take the kiddos for it. We enjoyed a lovely Holi dinner with friends and smacked on the yummiest Pakoda Kadhi ever. Seriously Ever. It was fun seeing the kids just go round and round and sing 'I Like to Move it, move it" thanks to the Madagascar Show we went for.
Yes all in a weekend!
It was wonderful.
A city is not fun for the weather, the rents, and the tourist attractions. It is fun with the people that surround you and make the experience memorable. I am happy to report, as a family we are blessed with delightful friends and lots of shoulders to carry V around when she just wants a little extra 'hugs'.
As I always say: I heart Chicago

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Balanced Life?

I recently read something along the lines of "I'd rather have a balanced life than prove that I am a Superwoman"

Hmm. I read and re-read. True.
What is balanced life to you?

For me, it’s having a good balance between kid, couple, social and me time. With all that, being on schedule, having warm healthy meals and a 'cleanish' house. May be throw hosting and attending a few parties, social events, giving back and of course holiday's, vacations and being in command of your career. Smile while you do it all. That’s balanced life. Ideally.
Sadly, I only have twenty four hours and I haven’t found the tool or the pill which makes me less cranky with lack of sleep. So sadly, I am a bit further from the 'ideal' balanced life. All right, not even close.

To me... probably having a balanced life equally being a Super Woman, which I am not.
I guess. I am okay being who I am- sometimes having it in control.. and sometimes just curling in the bed and pretending to sleep for five more minutes while hubby tends to get it in control. It’s all good.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quick Food Fix- Panini Time

Yumm Yumm Yumm... I am super braggy about my Panini’s. One they get done quickly (My Quick Fix rule of 30 minutes and under)and two they are loaded with vegetables and are super delicious. Knocking on wood, this is one thing, my FIL would always ask me to make at least once a week when he is here.

Here is my recipe

Things needed
All vegetables need to be chopped into thin and long slices
Bell Peppers (Any Color)-1
Onion- Pink or whilte - 1
Tomatoes - 2
Cucumber - 1 Big
Carrots - 1 Big (I use the peeler to get thin slices)
Basil Leaves (If readily available)
Chopped Spinach- If you like spinach in Panini’s (we heart them!)
Feel free to add- Zucchini and other vegetable you like!

Spices/ Herbs needed
Dried Basil, Crushed Red Pepper, Black Pepper, Sea Salt (preferably else regular salt)
Butter, Hummus, Pesto, shredded cheese.
Note: You can either buy store bought hummus and pesto or just make them at home. Considering we eat this way often and the Costco Sizes work perfectly for our family- I just store buy them now!
Bread- Preferably Sour Dough (We get ours from Panera Bakery- Any good bakery should carry them), else your choice! We have tried, four cheese bread (Strictly OK), Tomato Basil Bread (Pretty yumm), and Wheat Bread (Makes us feel healthier and tastes good)

Butter one bread, layer with cheese (I put bare minimum), load with sliced vegetables. Season with spices per taste.
On the other slice- spread pesto and hummus. Make the Panini and then put it in a Panini Press/ Grill/ Simple Pan.
Having the grill or Panini Press will just give the amazing grooves on the Panini!
If you using a pan on flame, make sure to use a spatula/ Paratha Press to press the Panini

- The key part of Panini is that it should get pressed so the herbs and everything mix well. So when you take one big bite, you taste a concoction of flavors and not just one!
_ Another thing to try (If you have more time)- is to grill the vegetables in oven or pan fry them with olive oil and oregano and then make stuffing- Tastes heavenly as well!

Eat away with ketchup, chutney

I tend to make a soup or a salad with the Panini as a complimenting side dish. If nothing else.... have them with chips (It’s your day off from healthy eating for once!)

Other Panini filling variations
- Mozzarella cheese, tomato, Fresh Basil
- Olives, Spring Greens, Italian dressing, Onions, Feta cheese (For the Greek flavors)
- Paneer Tikka, Onions, Bell Peppers, Tomatoes (Though I have not tried this, I am sure will be heavenly)

And for once, I took pictures! Yay! Lazy me got over the laziness! So here is the picture from our weekend Panini Fest!

Thinking out loud- I should get one of those fancy phones and click away

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I am bored

of winters... Very tired of all the layering. And needless to say a tad bit irritated!
It’s March and no signs of spring! Bo Hooo...

Here is my winter month-by-month mood.

October: I put my summer dresses, shorts, capris, clothes away. Happily I take out all the jackets, sweaters and scarves. I am excited at the upcoming festivities. The lovely chill in air and just some time to be indoors and recoup from crazy busy summers.
November: My fall jackets get replaced by winter jackets. The scarves are colorful, the winter boots are not in yet... but the mood is chirpy and it has a lot to do with the sugar rich season!
December: The first snow hits the ground, it’s pretty green and red all over. People are jolly, happy, and cheerful. I love sipping my hot cocoa and look out on pristine white roads. Even clearing the car of snow is playful!
January: The layering increases, the warm socks are not warm enough. But the cheer sort of remains. It might to do with possibly my daughter's birthday this month. My colorful scarves get replaced by the winter woolen ones!
February: That’s it. It can’t stop snowing, stop being cold and there is no major distraction from weather. It’s just plain cold. Simple. And its annoying Simple.
March: A hint of spring and then bad days follow. Again. The indoors start to creep in. The spring cleaning begins but no spring is in sight. I defy weather and wear a dress only to stop feeling my legs in five minutes. Come April my mind says
April: I cautiously check outside. It’s sunny but chilly, not cold, chilly. I test out layering down a bit. I possibly take V just one day to the park. I am still wary and not hopeful. But I make the most of that "two days in a row" sun effect!
May: Are you kidding me? Still 40's, WTH! I need 70's now, my summer clothes are wilting away. I have gained too many winter pounds. While rest of my East coast buddies are braving early summer with flip flops, I am still in covered toes and occasional wedges! Urgh! WTH- It’s been 6 months
June: Finally! Let the summer fun begin! Yay!

Its March now... and I can’t wait for June!! I need one warm day. Today. When I don’t have to layer, cover my daughters face from the breeze and above all breathe a sigh of relief. Another winter gone!