Thursday, May 10, 2018

Spring is new beginnings... they say

Green Thumb is defined as 'A knack for growing plants and keeping them healthy'

For all these years, i say, I have a "thorn thumb", i touch a plant and it dies.
I will often joke: 'I have kept my two kids alive and they are thriving, plants, well there is only so much i can do'
It is so bad that one year when Miss V was in India, she used to call her father and say- you water the plant and please don't let mummy touch it.
And i think the breaking point was killing a succulent which my friend and I spent an evening taking a class and making together. Killed a succulent! Uff!

So you get the idea!!

For Spring, its said- new beginnings.... So I am trying to change my thorny thumb. I made Sumit come with me and buy planting supplies, plants, potting mixes, some pots and on and on. A couple of hundred dollars down- i have the following plants trying to ' thrive survive' in my house

1. Mint plant, home and backyard: Hopefully ready in time for the summer yummy lemonades
2. Basil Plant: The smell, of fresh basil on appetizers, yummy!!
3. Serrano Chili plant: Spicy.... you know you need it!
4. Range of flowers - 3: a pink, a white and an orange: no i do not remember the name!! But they look gorgeous!!
5. Orchids- Yes, i have had them since my birthday and they have been good for the past 6 weeks!!!!

About a week in, they are still living, I have my doubt on the the white flowers: Seemed to me this morning that I over watered it... so its sitting in indirect sunlight today. But the rest haven't become sloppy, or yellow and injured (Yet).
So I continue to monitor, care and have a mini freak out for every leaf that falls down!

And yes the family is sitting with pop-corn and enjoying my "New Beginnings" mood swings!