Thursday, November 21, 2013

So how is it with with TWO kids?

I get asked this question a LOT. As I was telling someone recently, if I had a penny for each time I got asked this quesiton, I would be on track to be a millionaire.
 So seriously, how is it with TWO kids?
Hmm, Like having one kid and one shadow.
My kids are five years apart. So that does help. The older one 'helps' out. No seriously she does. She will entertain the Little Lady whilst I cook dinner or go to the loo or just read a book. Ok, the last one is a stretch, but yes, it is a big help.
 But at the same time, it is a pain, since now whist I sing the ABC's or teach the colors to the little one, I am like: Crap, not again! I am not even thinking about the Potty training time to come soon.
 So how is it with TWO kids?
In all due honesty, I have seen a side of my older one that I could not fathom. The way she looks and cares for her little sister is amazing. She takes out toys, reads books to her and above all is super protective of her. The first thing she does after coming home is kiss the little one. It is the selflessness in her which no book, no social setting would have taught her. Its only since she is an older sister. At the same time she is coping with 'Its not all about her anymore'

For the little one, it is MUCH easier this time around for us at least. I am not freaking out at every missed meal, a single cough. Knowing, 'It all works out soon enough' helps me cope with it. If she is not crawling by 9 months, I look at my older one run around the house. They all get there. Knowing that is so calming.
Plus the shadow I mentioned above is so true. The little one crawls around the house looking for her sister or the dad. She is picking a few things without us teaching her. Whether its sharing toys, waiting while we get to her or even simple thing like: Chilling. Since there are two kids in the house, we cant get to both of them at the same time. So both the kids are learning to be more self-sufficient.
There was no specific reason why we decided to have another kid. Our family felt very complete with just one kid. But now with Little Lady, It feels complete. Again.
There is a special bond. When I see my girls playing with each other now, or just sitting at dinner table or the older one making silly faces at the little one. It all makes me mush and more often than not, I get misty eyed. I know they will have each other. No Matter What.
Yes they will fight, they will have tantrums but at the end of the day, they will have a friend for life.

Having said all that, IT IS BLODDY HARD WORK with two kids schedules, activities, our social life and work. But I llow my Mantra: 'Count to ten and breathe. Life is Good'

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The tooth story

I never imagined the tooth fairy will be so perfectly timed.
One baby- The Little Lady got her first emergence of tooth last week.
One baby- The chatter Box got her first wiggly tooth last week as well.

Here is what I wam thinking- Tooth Fairy is taking one trip to my house.
Delivering one tooth in the infant and taking the other from the school going kid.
No, I am not thinking that she is taking V's tooth and putting it in S's mouth. But yeah, she is going to make ONE trip.

Sumit and I, both are in professions that ensure business runs efficiently and effectively. We preach and practice this day in and day out.
What I didnt know is that the tooth fairy heard the 'efficiency' rants in our house.

So yup, she is efficient and effective.

This week, we will have one child crying and climbing out of bed middle of the night, since the tooth is wiggly and it hurts and it bleeds.
The same week, we will have another child crying loud enough to make us climb out of bed middle of the night, since the tooth is emerging and it hurts.

I tell you, its perfect. One week- One tooth out, one tooth in. and ONLY one week of sleepless ness.

Effective and Efficient.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Quick Food Fix: Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Poached Apple

Brussels sprouts. I see them stocked on our grocery store all the time and I always shy away from buying them. What to make?
Then I came across this recipe, hmm, it seemed easy enough, so I tried it last night with a full spread. The original recipe called for adding cranberries and Maple Syrup. Somehow sweet salad was not my thing, so I spiced it up ever so slightly
Here is my variation for a quick fix:Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Poached Apple
1. Brussels sprouts: trimmed and cut in halves- I used 10-12 sprouts
2. Half apple sliced
3. Olive Oil
4. Salt, Pepper
5. 10-12 Walnuts broken by hand
6. 1-2 tsp Lemon Juice
(You can add chili flakes and garlic, since I wanted to taste the sprouts)
1. Pre-heat oven to 325 F
2. Toss the Brussels sprouts in olive oil and add salt. (I skipped black pepper, since Chatterbox is not fond of it).
3. Lay the sprouts and the apple on a baking sheet and put it in the oven
4. In about ten minutes, just flip the sprouts and the apple (The sprouts start getting brown)
5. In another five minutes take the sprouts and apple out.
6. Put it in a dish and mix- Add lemon Juice and walnuts


We ate it as a salad before our dinner. It actually complimented the food really well. Here was our menu for the evening

Appetizers: Brussels Sprouts with Poached Apple
Main Course: Custom Pizza's
We did the following combinations
1. Pesto with Pepper
2. Red sauce with goat cheese and basil
3. Broccoli with carrots and red sauce
Dessert: Moustache Brownies
Sumit recently got a mold with moustache shapes, so we gave it a shot!

Just another Tuesday night in our house, you see that's how we roll!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Unnecessary Glorification

You know how it is, there is one good article/ one picture and it gets circulated. A Lot. on facebook, via whats app, via mail, via e-anything. So a simple picture becomes 'Glorified'
 Here it is.

 I saw it, and was very uncomfortable, but I let it go and didn't 'Like' it. It comes up on another Media outlet and before I know it, that one day, I see it every where.
And I kept growing more and more uncomfortable.
 And here is why
 To me, the picture signifies the following
1. The lady has a smile on her face while multi-tasking.
Seriously show me one person who can handle all the stuff without whining. Kids or no kids. It is unrealistic representation of a person. It makes it seem its okay to do all this and if you are not smiling- Shame On you.
 2. She looks more like a sacrificial lamb to me.
It makes whatever the lady is doing 'single handedly' look OK. And I want to stand up and shout. ITS NOT.
3. The guy below the lady has a 'Exclamation' on his head.
Seriously?? What is he amazed at how much the lady can do? Is he amazed that he has two hands which are useless. What?

It's images like these which seem regressive to me.
Yes on any given moment, like all of us, I wear multiple hats. May be of a parent, a corporate executive, a girl, a cook. But so does my husband. How about we create an image to glorify him? The father, a co-parent whose work generally goes un-noticed or un-glorified!

It's images like these which seem like they are judgmental.
I don’t think I do half of the things that a 'good mother' is supposed to.  I think I have ironed Sumit's shirts a total of 3 times in our time together. Does that make me a bad wife? 
I think not.
It's images like these that I NEVER want to show my girls. Never