Thursday, May 10, 2018

Spring is new beginnings... they say

Green Thumb is defined as 'A knack for growing plants and keeping them healthy'

For all these years, i say, I have a "thorn thumb", i touch a plant and it dies.
I will often joke: 'I have kept my two kids alive and they are thriving, plants, well there is only so much i can do'
It is so bad that one year when Miss V was in India, she used to call her father and say- you water the plant and please don't let mummy touch it.
And i think the breaking point was killing a succulent which my friend and I spent an evening taking a class and making together. Killed a succulent! Uff!

So you get the idea!!

For Spring, its said- new beginnings.... So I am trying to change my thorny thumb. I made Sumit come with me and buy planting supplies, plants, potting mixes, some pots and on and on. A couple of hundred dollars down- i have the following plants trying to ' thrive survive' in my house

1. Mint plant, home and backyard: Hopefully ready in time for the summer yummy lemonades
2. Basil Plant: The smell, of fresh basil on appetizers, yummy!!
3. Serrano Chili plant: Spicy.... you know you need it!
4. Range of flowers - 3: a pink, a white and an orange: no i do not remember the name!! But they look gorgeous!!
5. Orchids- Yes, i have had them since my birthday and they have been good for the past 6 weeks!!!!

About a week in, they are still living, I have my doubt on the the white flowers: Seemed to me this morning that I over watered it... so its sitting in indirect sunlight today. But the rest haven't become sloppy, or yellow and injured (Yet).
So I continue to monitor, care and have a mini freak out for every leaf that falls down!

And yes the family is sitting with pop-corn and enjoying my "New Beginnings" mood swings!

Monday, April 23, 2018

Hot Coffee Day-Bonus: in a Cup

Coffee is a must for me... yada yada yada. You know this, so I am not going to go on and on how without my morning cup, there is a hugs gap in my mental alertness!

I will (for once) get to the point. What I do need, is the coffee hot. All weekdays, I am blessed with my Coffee Carrier and I sip on my coffee as i perform my rushed mornings things: Kids drop offs, chats, calls and roll into work. And I don't have luxury of time to do it any other way and have also stopped complaining about it now (most of the time).

But Saturday, not Sunday, now Saturday with no soccer games on the calendar, I need to enjoy this hot coffee in a grown up Ceramic Cup!

A ceramic cup when I can dunk my biscuits in the Coffee and enjoy it while I enjoy the peace, no rush morning and may be also have a conversation with my mum and "Chill"

And now my girls know it: Saturday Morning: No asking me for anything for those 20 minutes when I Sit, sip and really smell the coffee that I am drinking.

And this Bonus of me sipping my coffee in a cup has me more happy, more content and then I am back to the thick of task master mode "do this, do that" with the girls!

Monday, April 16, 2018

A tale: From shorts to pants

Changing back into Pants From Shorts... how simple can that be. Very Simple.

But recently such a task was "Oh man" moment for me.

With my parents visiting, we had an impromptu trip to Florida for part medical and part Lets take a break! I think Sunshine brings out the best in us! I was happy when I landed from Chicago in mid 70's at 10 pm in Florida. We were in flip flops, shorts, singlets and hats and sun glasses. We carried lemonade through the day to keep us hydrated and enjoyed the sun shine.

The short trip was good. Always nice to get a decent bill of health and in addition soak in some sun!

On our way back at the Florida airport, kids were asked to remove the shorts from their sun kissed selves and wear full pants, long sleeved shirts and their sweaters.

And that's when it came all flooding in!!! IHATE the weather in Chicago in April!
Its should be Spring weather at least, may be mid 60's instead of snow!
This time is for

  • Kids to stomp on the playground and smell fresh flower buds, instead they are covered in layers.
  • We should trade in the heavy jackets and bring out the bright and cheery sweaters.
  • It should be the time that sniffles die away.
  • It should be a time of green, sun and breaking away from the dreary grey

To be transparent, I don’t mind winters at all, don’t get me wrong, its manageable and sipping hot tea and enjoying fresh snow flakes has its charms, but still in April: Cold, Grey and Snow is VERY depressing.

As I settle back in my routine with layers and jackets here in Chicago, I await the moment when I can trade my warm pants to something cotton, light and colorful and shorts!!!!

And may be in the next 6 weeks, I can wear the shorts for a brief 6 week period, if we are lucky here in wonderful Windy Chicago

Friday, March 23, 2018

Tradition.. just because

At the doctor's for the kids annual exams, I have a tradition, the girls dress up in the 'Paper Dresses' and I snap pictures of them.
Since 2014, so I can call it an annual tradition right?

Look at those faces, aren't they adorable. The nurse walks in just as I was coercing them to 'smile naturally' for this amazing tradition and the nurse chuckles and asks- Why?
I respond, I love the story of 'The Paper Bag Princess' and ever since I read that story, I do this... It's like an ode to the book written in 1981. They did know the reality even then!!
If you have not read it, please do.

What is a silly tradition that you have in your family? just because!

On a side note, Here is my Little Lady's new installment on 'Kids Say the Darnest Things'
Evening time, while the kids sip on their milk and argue about the silliest thing, this conversation ensues

Little Lady: " Did didi (Miss Chatterbox) grow up in your tummy?"
Me, the smart mom: "Yes honey, she did"
Little Lady: " Did I grow up in your tummy?"
Me, the smart mom: "Yes honey, you did too"
Little Lady: "Oh that means we both met each other in your tummy and have been friends since
Me, the smart mom: "Uh well, not exactly since you both were in my tummy 5 years apart"
Little Lady: "But we both were in your tummy and I know her since then! I remember!!. We used to fight even then"
Me, the confused mom: "uh- okay"

And then as always, laughter ensues!! "She remembers the fighting!! Is this her justification, man... I am creeped out. I think.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Kids say the darnest things... or the cutest things!

Its been a while since I have posted, been busy and a little pre-occupied!
But the best way to get back into the writing mode is to just do it and humor makes it easier!
So Kids Say the darnest things edition

Story number 1:
Little Lady and Miss Chatterbox are currently learning Hindi and with my mom in town, the immersion with the language has been easier for sure.
A lazy Sunday Morning, Little Lady is chatting with her cousin in India and conversion in Hindi.
---Conversation in Hindi---
Cousin from India: Appka Favorite color kya hain?
Little Lady: Mera sabse acha rang 'Sunehra' hain!
-----End of Conversation----

We all here and in India burst out laughing, no one uses the word 'Sunehra' any more. And my mom was super proud: 'My work here of making them puritan's of the language is done!

Story number 2:
Now, Chicago is a windy city, and yes the winters get really cold. But we have been in this city for about a decade and kind of have gotten used to it.

A morning drive:
Little Lady: Mummy, its only 35 F today, its so warm today!
Me: Yes, but slightly chilly still, so you need your jackets/
Little Lady: It's Chicago, so 35F is warm!

I guess she has learned to find the silver lining already!

As I navigate the waters of being a mother of a 10 year old and 5 year old, life is always fun, sometimes funny and a lot of times I do have a Deer in Headlight moment!
The one thing that helps me keep sane (sort of) is finding this silver lining in life!

Find your world through the rose tinted glasses, it makes you smile.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Day 2: Great wall of China... Kids Edition

China tales continue...... See here for our Day 1, Our itinerary and some pointers before travelling to china with kids

"Great Wall", this remains the unanimous highlight of the entire trip of 14!
The older kids of course knew what the "hoo haah" was about... and the little ones, well were just sharing the excitement.

The day started with a trip to the Jade Museum and it was as touristy as it sounds. But we did find an amazing hidden 'picturesque' spot and of course the photo taking began and we had to pull everyone back in the bus saying "enough with the pictures man!" But it's never enough!

As the roads winded to the Great Wall, all guests were gasping and oohing and aahing. It's much bigger than any picture you may have seen, its more mesmerizing and the mystery of why it was build in the first place leaves you asking more questions! We got off, geared up, bundled up and started the "hike"

My nephew, 2.5 years of age is super active and believes in running more than walking, so rightfully so, my brother and sister in law decided to enjoy the foot hills of the wall and just catch a breath! The rest of us started the 'trek'

What a trek it was!! The steps are high, uneven and rough, but it inspires you to climb more and conquer this wall.

My friend bundled her baby on one of those carriers and climbed up... yes all the way to the top. God bless her soul. She did more than any of us combined.
The hike and the climb to the top is worth it. We were blessed with great weather and the higher we climber, the stronger the sun got and more layers came off. The kids were competing with one another, and definitely my friend (fittest of us all) kept up to their speed and reached the top.
Please do this hike with your kids. Please do, yes you will be slower, they might complain, carry water, candies and hats, but please hike up. The sense of achievement my 5 year old, Little Lady felt was amazing, she still recants with utmost pride! My Chatterbox has hiked plenty before this, but I feel the amazement of a man made wonder with such rich history left her speechless!

The views, well a picture speaks a thousand words.

Our descend was of course quicker and honestly more "treacherous". We paired up and climbed down and again, my friend had the baby tied to her back... I think she deserves a standing ovation or a really nice leg massage!!! Of course I came down to my nephew jumping with joy and giving us high fives! The sweet innocence.

After a traditional Chinese lunch, we returned back to the hotel, by now, bone tired. But again, the "rule breakers" that we are... we all had had our own experiences to make that evening! One family went on to see a mesmerizing show of the dynasty. One family decided to stay back and just enjoy down time with the kids and do local shopping and well the rest of us, once again boarded the local train and headed to the silk market. And we had fresh orange juice from a vending machine, yes FRESH. I have a video to prove it and content kids to talk about it with!

The market itself, what an experience! I don't think I have it in me to bargain or withstand the aggressive selling they do!

The ladies were done in for the evening, imagine, girls saying no for shopping!!
We took a cab home with the kids and pretty much collapsed after some food and packing up. Sumit and our friend returned victorious after some more shopping and finding an Indian restaurant with delicious food, yep, I was jealous!

The next day was an early start to check out, head to a medicinal museum, Summer Palace and then onwards to Shanghai-Wuxi. We bid adieu to this city, the old and the new!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A decade old.... or a decade young!

Miss V, my Chatterbox, my wonderful, my kid who continues to amaze me (and push her limits):  You are officially a decade young old

Yes, you are 10, in double digits and oh man, where did the time go!

This day, ten years ago: My doctor says: Your child is ready to come in the world and I say, hell no, I have 2 more weeks left and above all, I just dropped off Sumit at airport for his work travels! Nope, the doctor says, the kid is coming in 2 days!
Oh well, I call hubby dearest as he gets off the plane across the country! "Yes honey, you heard me right, come back by tomorrow"

He returned, my mom calmed me down and I went in at 7 am to the hospital!
At 10 am, my doctor tells me: "Ma'm, you are about to have a baby, please keep the blackberry aside. " I chuckle... and then around 5 pm, Miss V arrives. A girl! A beautiful perfect girl!

That was a decade ago!
Miss V you are ten! You are entering "Double Digits"

You are fierceless, you take on challenges, you are a perfectionist and above all you are a girl who wants to change the world and challenge the norms and at the same time your sensitivity and your attempts at not crying to be 'strong' leave me dumbfounded!

You love to help me cook and yet are forced to lay the table and clean up!
You are creative and have yet have a sucky handwriting.
You love to read and yet hate to document a book report.
You are religious and yet question some values preached.
You are you, sweet cheeks (Yes I know you hate to be called 'sweet cheeks")

You are my daughter. And I could not be prouder!

Here are your ten highlights!

1. You donated 12 inches of your hair for Wigs for Kids and smiled!
2. You are a fish, competing, learning and swimming.
3. Soccer remains your true love and you now have jerseys of your favorite teams/ players. And now our dearest friend costum made a soccer necklace with your name engraved!
4. The writer in you is shining and man your narration leaves us spell bound
5. You have taken on Kathak and I am impressed with your dedication to this classical form
6. You are happiest while travelling, be it swimming in El Nido or hiking the Great Wall
7. Oh yes, you are competitive. Even in the smallest things, you like a challenge
8. You kick my ass in scrabble, not fair!
9. With your sister, you half adore her, half fight with her but you are 100% by her all the time!
10. You truly are amazing (even with the eyerolls, the subtle drama, the stomping of feet, the misty eyes, the soft snuggles)

Miss V, Miss Chatterbox: Welcome to double digits!