Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Break-Up

Stage 1: Shock
Stage 2: Hurt
Stage 3: Betrayal
Stage 4: Anger
Stage 5: Moving On
Stage 6: Happiness
Stage 7: Closure

When you are in college, you go through these stages with crushes, likes and the opposite sex in general. Sometimes you skip stages, sometimes you stay and mull in one for longer. But as age progresses, you think you get calmer, more refined to navigate the above stages. You know what is happening.
But sadly, no matter what the break up is- all stages apply!
I had a recent break up. Before the rumor mills start- It was with my nanny.
Stage 1: SHOCK: 'What you are leaving me?' I didnt see any signs, why? What am I going to do, No way? There is no notice.
Stage 2: HURT I have been blind. Of all people, you?  We have been together for so long, why so sudden? Ouch, what will I do?
Stage 3: BETRAYAL:  I never expected this. After all I did for you and your family. I touched you when NO ONE was. I trusted you, helped settle you, your family. Loaned you money, time and drove you around.  and you did this! No notice.
Stage 4: ANGER:  You dumped me, no I DUMP YOU. You are not worth it. Your 'type' will stay your type. ALWAYS. No matter how considerate I have been, you did this.

Stage 5: Moving On:  Hmm, What is, will be. It's fine. I still have me and my family. I put up with your SHIT for way too long. I should have let you go a long time ago. I am better off now. I am sure
Stage 6: HAPPINESS : Wow, its like a weight lifted off me. This feels awesome. Everything is perfect, I survived, got smarter and above all happier. There is more laughter and more fun and more cleanliness for sure. Why didnt I think of this before
Stage 7: CLOSURE: Oh man, I am awesome. My family is awesome. This is like a well-oiled machine and you had just slowed us down. I love the freedom and the laughter and the cleanliness. Good Bye. Thanks for nothing. Good Bye
Oh My god, I love this!
So yes, my nanny on the eve of my birthday 'dumped' me VERY unprofessionally. She didnt honor the one month notice period we had agreed on. She was not even going to tell me she is quitting. I guess being a girl, my 6th sense is super active and I asked her thrice and then she was forced to confess.
So it always has to be the perfect storm: Nanny dumps you. Husband is travelling, you are swamped with work, one of the kids is not well.
And then I realized you know what. Its all fine. Not fine-fine. But fine. And will only get better.
With my recent break-up I went through all the standard stages in 1 and a half days. Flat. And I have been happy since. Kids are laughing more, walking more, being more independent. At the same time, Sumit and I are more relaxed and laugh about those things that nanny didnt do. We did honestly put up with her for longer than we should have. No one likes change, and we didn’t either. Without this nanny, Its actually nice. And this time the real NICE NICE!
But yes, I am back in the market for a new one- I new more professional, more stable and definitely more active nanny. Suggestions??

Monday, March 31, 2014

6 year old's take on Marriage: Seriously?

And so the season of 'She said what' continues in our house hold.

We were at a wedding this weekend of very dear friends. Lots of fun,  dancing and celebrating the new journey with our friends.
 The four of us are sitting and watching the ceremony when Miss V, the chatterbox says:

Miss V: Why are they getting married?
Garima: They love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together.
Miss V: Hmm, but they can do that even without getting married. Just live together.
Garima and Sumit: "Shocked' Look at each other hoping the other one takes to respond to this.
 The few seconds in between felt like an eternity

Garima: Well, they want to celebrate with friends and family. Have an awesome party.
V: I do like this party a lot!

Next topic of conversation starts.

But, Sumit and I are still in shock.
Help anyone?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

School House Rocks!!

It was like a Wren & Martin lesson... but with more music and more fun!

That was my take anyaway.
For my 6 year old: This was the best SHOW ever.
The School House Rocks LIVE! in our favorite kids theatre was a very mesmerising collection of basic English rules and stuff packaged in fun, sing song alongs and interactive representation.

For me, I know, Grammar was not my forte, writing that as a blogger, puts me to shame, I know. But trust me, having this fun way of showing what adverbs are and what subject-predicate it would have been so good.

Though I was deprived, I am glad my 6 year old was not. She loved the songs and would sing along the tables etc. I think the best part now is, she reminds us what a adverb is, what a noun is as she speaks. It is making her think a little before speaking.

In addition, considering how simple Mariott theatre is my daughter got to meet the actors outside and chat with him and take pictures and countless hi-fives. It was so much fun!

I do recommend parents of 1st graders onwards take the kids. It makes them realise, grammar can be fun if you think about it.

Currently Schoolhouse Rocks is playing till May 4:
Chicago - The Marriott Theatre for Young Audiences, 10 Marriott Drive in Lincolnshire, presents the live musical production of the Emmy Award-winning 1970's cartoon, Schoolhouse Rock Live!. from February 28 through May 4. The musical is directed by the original co-creator of the show, George Keating, with choreography by Ericka Mac and music direction by Ryan T. Nelson. The beloved musical teaches history, grammar, math, science and politics through clever and tuneful songs. 

Note: I received four tickets for review for free. No other compensation was involved. The views expressed above are solely my own and my 6 year old's

Monday, February 24, 2014

Complaining to Enjoying... tough but doable

I have complained. A LOT over this never ending Chicago Winter. I have complained to every one who'd listen, not listen. I have ranted long and I have ranted hard. You get the Idea!
But then, something changed. Sumit showed me a link of the CPD for Polar Days, the theme of the event: Its cold, but get out and enjoy yourself. Hmm, I honestly felt like it was targeted at me.
 We had friends visiting this Saturday and they loved the idea of being out as well, only for a bit, but out.
So we layered, buckled up, layered some more and headed out to the Northerly Island. It was AWESOME. Awesome to see huskies sledding in Chicago. Awesome to hear about their natural habitat, awesome for our kids to pet them and feed them and not so awesome to hear: I think I want a husky as a pet!

The kids did crafts, tried slipping on ice, the babies hung around the indoor camping tent. We clicked silly pictures, laughed so hard!

It was actually liberating- to be out and enjoy the winters as against complaining about them. Of course it did help that it was 32 F/ 0C which is balmy for Chicago standards. But yes, for what's left of winter (I think 3 more months) I am going to make an effort to be out a little more and complain a little less.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Quick Food Fix : A salad transformed

I am really bad at following through on the 'Getting Fit' business. When Fit Bit was new, I was completely hooked on and then health became a bit unmanageable, the first thing out- Being healthy. Sad as usual, but true.

But once again, trying to make better choices, a day at a time. In addition, we are contemplating a beach vacation which is motivation enough.

This weekend we had our besties in town and needless to say we pigged out. Every single meal. So by Sunday night, we all were done. Salad- Juice was the way to go.
Sumit made one of his delicious Juice concoctions and I decided to make salad.

My chatter box said- Salad is not going to fill me up. So I decided to twist it up.
Calling it
Transformed Salad: Cross between torta and Open Sandwich: Or just Something Delicious

Finely  chopped
1. Zucchini - 1/2 cup
2. Carrots - 1/2 cup
3. Peppers - 1/4 cup
4. Onions  - 1/4 cup
5. Parsley- 1/4 cup
6. Lettuce - 3/4 cup
7. Garlic  - 1 clove
8. Shredded Cheese  - Per taste (Or substitute with Goat Cheese)
9. Hummus  - Per taste
10.Spices: Chili Pepper, Black Pepper, Dried Basil, Salt
11. Pita bread/ Any flat bread

To make:
1. Sauté onion garlic in olive oil.
2. When translucent add the spices per your taste
3. Add all remaining vegetables except parsley and Lettuce
4. Cover and let the vegetable steam
5. On a pan, let the pita bread get warm
6. Sprinkle cheese and then add vegetables on half of sandwich (Just so you can close it)
7. Add lettuce and parley.
7. Close sandwich and Enjoy when crisp.

We ate it with hummus dip and sriracha!

It was our dinner last night and lunch to go today. And needless to say this will be on our dinner rotation menu.

What I loved about it was, its like a warm salad. But the pita (I used whole wheat with sundried tomato) helped transform it in a complete meal. The simplicity of the spices bring out the complete taste of the vegetables.
The cheese helps close the sandwich really well and I cut it in Pizza shapes for lunch for the kiddos.

Welcome to try out the 'Transformed Salad: Cross between torta and Open Sandwich'

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Negotiating with kids

In my next edition of Kids say the darnest things.

I have a 6 year old who is convinced she needs a pet. Since we have a few friends who own cats and dogs, she is not as charmed with them. She decided she wants a Fish.

V:    I think we should have a fish
GN: Hmm, let me think about it
V:    How about a deal? I write every single day and then you get  me a fish
(You see, we are encouragin her to write a bit more)
GN: Hmm, let me think about it.
V:    Ok, today is February 1, how about every single day this month
(She is really not letting it go)
GN: Hmm, let me think about it.
V:    Nothing to think about, its done. Final! Yay, I cant wait to tell me friends I am getting a fish!
(Really!!!! That's it!)

Second case:
V: I think I want a spider or a lizard for a pet.
(This is not going to end well!)
GN: Why?
V:    Because you are scared of them.
GN: But, that's just not fair.
(Oh my gosh!!!)
V:   Ok, when I grow up and have my own house, I will have a spider or lizard pet. And then you have to come every day
GN: Why will you have your own house?
V: (Eye Roll) Look around you, you, papa, mama, bhua, friends everyone has their own house.
GN: Aah.
V: Done! So a spider as a pet, 10 years from now. You have to visit everyday and sleep in the room where my spider's cage is!
(Again, I loose, she moves out: I still have to visit her daily and sleep in the darn spider's room!!!)

Can I have my toddler V back, Miss Chatter Box? Please?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Story of 'The Birthday party (s)'

'No more Birthday Parties, just a cake' That was my resolve last year.
And this is what actually transpired this year.

My Kids have their birthdays 1 month apart. Lucky, our friends told us, just one birthday party! Yay, and we agreed.
But this is what it actually happened.
1.  On the birthday day for the little one, you have to cut some cake. So that was Party number 1.
2., 3. With an India trip and doting grandparents and family around their birthday's resulted in two parties One with my in-laws, one with my parents. Count of parties rose to a total of 3
4.  My older wants to have all her girlfriends over for some fun. She has been asking for this since forever. So fine, let’s have them over for cookie decorating party. Count of parties increases to 4
 5. Since the older one's birthday falls on a Friday, and there has to be cake. So that’s yet another small party making it party number 5.
 6. Now, all our dear friends who have seen our kids grow up since the day they were born and want to celebrate their special day. I told a friend, this year, I am not planning on a party, just a cake. She said, well I want to be there for the cake then. She said, I don’t care, I want to celebrate the kids milestones.
 I love our friends and their support and endless hugs giving rise to party number 6.
 Going from no party to six parties for my two daughters in one year.
I am not complaining, but just wondering, how did this really happen? And as I look back not one of them I could avoid or wanted to avoid.
 Once again I vow, next year, coming year, no birthday parties, just a cake.
 Until Year 2015