Friday, June 19, 2009

Sweet Nothings.

It's those sweet nothings you do, that makes the heart skips a beat, and cause the flutter in your stomach. The fancy gifts, the candle light dinners are a complete waste without the sweet nothings that your partner pampers you with.

Fathers day is around the corner, and for the past month or so, i have been stressing over what to get for SD on V's behalf, for SD's dad, for my dad. Agreed its a hallmark holiday and a perfect marketing gimmick. But i don’t see anything wrong with that. One may argue; you don’t need just one day to celebrate the father's day and mothers day and valentines day and the plethora of other hallmark days, you can do that any day, or should do that every day--- but you know what, we don’t.

We don’t make the mother sit and pamper herself everyday, while the father and kids cook up the meals. We don’t let the fathers go golfing every weekend and pamper them to the tee. We don’t take our partners to the lovely play every Friday night. These hallmark holidays, are necessary to just to step back and cherish the occasion. There is a reason behind these days, to make the recipient feel very special and cared for and count your blessings and smile. For the rest of the 364 days, you have the sweet nothings to make you smile!

In a crowded party, where you are mixing in, meeting friends old and new, laughing at lame jokes, and shying away from those bashing ones.... i tend to look over my shoulder and catch a glimpse of SD, and when i see him looking at me, with that sweet smile, and shine in his eyes...I smile! and i know that gestures means the world to me. Don’t get me wrong, Yes, i do love the gifts... i am a material person! ;-) So SD hard luck.. keep the gifts coming! But i do know that the day i get a gift, just because hallmark dictates so, it will not be worth it. I need the sweet nothings to go with it! And Yes, i am demanding.

I observe V, she will see someone new, offering her goodies or chocolates or toys.. she will just stare. May be grab the object, turn away and may be pretend to say thank you.. with just a small smile of acknowledgement. On the other hand, if someone sings her a song, makes her chase the ball, see a butterfly, smell a flower, i see the childlike glee in her eye, the naughtiness in her step.. and then the adorable laughter! Even for this 17 month old, sweet nothings made the difference!

So as another hallmark occasion comes, here is my two cents! By all means, get a thoughtful gift for the fathers who make everyday special and have taught you ride the bike, fall and pick up after yourself, and bring a smile to your face...But most definitively, for the rest of the year, do the sweet nothings which will make them happier, more proud and more special!


Tiny Dancer said...

Wow thats the first time I've seen some intimacy in your written expressions... Trying to imagine your look while penning down this one :)

Natasha said...

This is a beautiful piece. I especially liked your observation of V's reaction to gifts vs. personal interaction.


that one is sooo true... but i have a question, what if u only get sweet nothings from ur materialistic gifts..shud that be enough? even if they r the sweetest nothings ever possible and u get gallores of them all day all yr long...shud that be enough...?

GNSD said...

Runn Forest...hmm.. intresting question.. Realistically they should be... if i get the sweet nothings all the time, they should be...
but we, girls are built special (a la border line weird).. grass is greener on the other side.. i think a combination of both will be perfect since with time, i would like to flaunt the big stone i got "just because" ;-)