Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life is not one big story, but a combination of little ones!

This was a line SD said right after a cop pulled us over for crossing a white line at a turn! The cop figured we were genuinely lost, and gave us directions to the place we were heading. Phew, a sigh of relief, no fun in getting a stupid ticket at midnight! So alls well that ends well, and then SD said the above line: "Life is not one big story but a combination of little ones!"

Few words but profound meaning. We both have been feeling that lately.. lets live more for the moment, all is good and we have to make sure what we do is good and gives us and people close by immense pleasure. Learn from the small things we see, grow with things we learn.

So here are the little stories in the past month, which have struck a chord! And these small stories will be a part of our bigger one!

On a recent jet-ski trip with friends, by lets just say, some stupidity of mine, we overturned the jet-ski. So the jet ski is upside down, SD and I were eventually laughing hard with life jackets in a huge lake, and really hoping our friends find us there! Eventually a lovely couple on a speed boat came, towed our ski and helped us back to our rental place. Really nice.. the lady said a simple thing, the week before, someone had rescued her daughter from the lake! So for her it was only overdue to repay it back to someone. Hmm... What goes around comes around i guess.

We met a cousin after ages, and while discussing SAHM and WM's (Short forms for stay at home mom's and working mothers, in case you are unaware of the lingo), he said a simple line: No body can bring up your child but you. At the same time, you have to spend quality time and not quantity time with the kids! As you can imagine he favored my kind- WM's and the guilt of working while V plays in daycare subsided a bit.... And i know its true, since we do may spend lesser hours with her, but definitely more productive and fun filled than when i was a SAHM. Point duly noted!

V and all of us went to Shedd aquarium in Chi town, just a huge place with a variety of fishes.. and dolphins and sharks.. and walrus.. and all you can image. I saw people of all ages, all colors, number of nationalities... just mesmerized by it all.. these lovely creatures, who don’t care what we do, where we come from and what our beliefs are! They live in there simple pleasures, and the mankind is staring at them, and cheering them on, as one! No differences, just one! Two things here, we all can live happily and share this earth without any issues.. and then, we should definitely go the green way to preserve what’s dear to us. I do want V and generations to follow to experience these simple pleasures!

And for going the green way- it may sound uber cool, so something which is a farce... Its not. We can all do something for this Green revolution- and the the title "Life is not one big story, but a combination of little ones" will hold true. If we do the little things to save earth.. all these small things by millions of people will add up to the bigger one- generations to follow enjoying mother nature in its simple, beautiful form.

So we must go on, continue enriching our loves with these little stories and keep an eye out for the younger ones to be able to do the same!


Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

Really love the thought,"Life is not one big story, but a combination of little ones"...provoked me to think about the little stories that have thus far shaped D and my life together ! ;-)

And yes, it's definitely essential to put in enough effort to "go green" and make sure that it doesn't end up just remaining a fancy's tough...but with sufficient effort from everyone, it's definitely an achievable goal!

Well written ;-)!

GNSD said...

Thanks Priyanka, The green way is something which Sumit and I have been trying.. nothing big.. but small things which we can do to help.. it might be carrying our own recyclable shopping bags, using less water, energy where possible...
Other things are tough.. but even if we do it for one day, it makes us feel good.

Natasha said...

Very profound indeed. Love the phrase, and made it my gchat status for the day. Girl, you write from the heart, which is so endearing as well as engaging. Love your blog. Had bookmarked it the first time you sent us the link in the e-mail chain. I'm definitely a big fan. :-)

GNSD said...

Hi Natasha,
I am glad you liked it.. and yes the inspiration is slow to come.. i do try to keep this up weekly!

The emails chains are simply amazing..a nd they give me the best ideas!