Monday, August 24, 2009

Anyway what’s your baby program?

What!!! Yes, I actually came across this on Facebook. Yes.. in full public view.. and for all to read.. and smile/ smirk. Now, as a disclaimer in all honesty, i don’t know the person and how close was the interrogator to that person, and it may be okay for her to be asked that question.. but OMG>. did it stir up some emotions in me! This is one unchartered territory, even for the talkative, inquisitive me!!

Being away from India for a couple of years has influenced my thinking when it comes to people's privacy. A friend of mine reminded me, some people will very blatantly very personal questions as - So what is your salary? Aren’t you trying for a baby since 6 months?, So, HOW iss your wife? I mean seriously!!!!
I am trying to live by the quotation: "Do unto others as others do to you!" simple. I conform to it by asking those questions, that I don’t mind answering myself. Give people’s privacy some respect man! Even with close friends, we might tease each other about kids et al and say.. the "chotu xxx" but its all in jest, I am definitely not going to blatantly ask that "anyway what’s your baby program?"

For me, one, its very rude and two, mind your own business. Yes, of course like any Indian couple, my extended family would always ask us, so when do we get the good news!! When do you become two to three and so on.. I still remember some sheepish person at the wedding... winking the eyes and telling me a few days after the wedding- Shaadi ka proof in a year naah!! What..OMG!!! I was bottom lined embarrassed, and yes was about to punch that person's face.. but the choodi ridden and mehendi colored hands of mine shied away from that. But i did get my revenge, the day the cousin got married; I did ask them the same question ;-) (In a more subtle way of course!) Evil me! I know!

I don’t even ask my SIL's, cousins or friends that! In some cases, Yes, I would drop enough hints.. (Naughty wink!) and sometimes even say it out loud, but when its only us! Them and us and not the "250+" friends on FB looking at that question! Urgh..

It's a very personal question, SD and I are very happy parents of a toddler now, and still there are times, when I am asked- so when does V get a sibling? She is the only one, you should have another one!!! .. It never ends does it? I mean come on.. Stop... "Anyway’s its our baby program, so please.. let us figure it out!"


Pinnacle said...

hahaha so cute garry!

how about people winkin at my tummy (which is on the fatter side due to years of rice consumption and bengali fatty foods) and asking if there's any "good news"


ohh gary, im telling u, it never ends... it never will... dont let it get to u...just do what u've always been doing, ignore!! and be sensitive to other ppl's privacy when u feel the urge to ask them the same question..thats all.. we already know its ok :-)

i had ran into a similar situation..2 friends started dating and told me and asked not to tell anyone..and i didnt.. some other common friend "X" suspected it and asked me if they were dating? i said i dont know..she was like "swear on me u dont know anything"..and i started laughing and said i couldnt tell and this wasnt fair..i am not supersitious at all, but i knew she was and i didnt know what to do..SO thats what i did..just laughed away and said i couldnt tell..she goes and confront the girl friend and asks her "r u dating this guy? and dont lie to me, coz i have information from reliable sources!!" the gf was pissed as hell and ask" who" and this girl was like "prutha"..the gf and bf havent spoken to me since :-(..and needless to say i was more closer to the guy.. but i cant do anything about it..i cant fix it..they feel betrayed and i dont even know what to do..some ppl r just idiots i tell u...

GNSD said...

@ Sirsh... hehe.. man the "belly" invoking suspicious eyes.. happens to me a lot as well. I still remember your FB update on it... was too funny!

@ Pruth.. The chick who had reliable info.. is a pain.. she should keep her mouth shut, mind her own busines.. and have her own life ;-) if there is news to share... ppl will do it themselves.
About being supersitious.. to each his own- even we didnt share V's news until 3 months out.. and shyed away at all the "Questions ;-)"

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

"Shaadi ka proof in a year naah!!"...that's in a class of it's own...he he he...some people just have the uncanny ability to take curiosity to the brink of human tolerance...

Ashish said...

So, will my kid get a friend his/her age soon? V is too old for my kid. :p

On a serious note, I just find it hilarious when someone asks that. I just reply in a way that they would get embarrassed.
For instance "Shaadi ka proof in one year nah", I would have replied to that as ... no wait, this is a family friendly blog. I will tell you when we meet in person. :-)

GNSD said...

@ Priyanka.. Yes its so annoying! Curiosity did kill the cat.. and in today age.. will make me wanna beat up the curious george

@Aina..Cant wait to meet you now.. just to hear your feedback on the proof thing ;-)
But yes.. you haev a sitter for your kid-V :-)