Friday, October 16, 2009

Yes... I am a 'Plan-o-holic'

Finally we are set for much awaited vacation.. 2 weeks of no schedules, no meetings, no running around! Its two weeks of pure bliss, warmer temperatures, relaxed moods and yes... loads of fun.

But the past two weeks..hmm. Well has been the exact opposite. It’s been crazy at work, crazier at home and with dropping temperatures and a case of sniffles for most. Let me put it this way; I need the trip to start Today ;-)

This time around, I had decided to let go my super duper " spreadsheet planning modes ". I kept telling SD, this time I wont, I will not fret over my preparations, my need for having things in control! He would just smile and nod! I guess he does know me better.

Alas, How much ever I shy away from them, I know for a planned vacation, the todo's are my saviour. This is the sad state of my desktop screen right now... My desktop is filled with notepads titled "Todo, todo-1, todo-2" Trust me, there is a pattern in my madness, i know exactly what is in which list, and where i need to check it off. And i actually smile, when i move these one by one to the trash can! Urgh!

There is once again a master checklist! To Do list, packing list, food to carry list, meds to carry list, clothes list, this list and that list...... you get the idea!
Oh yes and the "not done yet" are as usual in big bold alphabets, red, green, yellow colored backgrounds to display the urgency of the same. And yes.. of course there are Back up plans!!!

Yes, I am disgusted at myself! And yes I do feel bad for SD, since he is at the receiving end of my "List-1, 2, 3"

This is how bad I am... I am actually scared for my poor black berry.. since if it crashes... out goes all the details, hence I am being not so green.; and have printouts for all. (Maybe, slightly green, the printouts are front to back!) But you get the idea.

Alas, i have put myself in the rutofoverplanning again. Silver lining: Luckily SD and I never detail out the trip itself...That’s pretty much... we will do what we feel like and what we are in the mood of (Thank God!). Remeber, its a vacation!

But like always, the preparations for the trip is what I need to be "under my belt"

Hence, I have to bend and say "I am GN, and Ii am an Plan-o-holic"

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Lakshmi said...

;) I remember your other post too.

We were too much of planoholics and now with 2 kids we must be even more, but we have reversed. With S being 5 years old, she is as good as an adult, eats whatever, drinks whatever. A is almost there being close to 2 years old. Once she is potty trained, I wont need to pack diapers, wipes and one she is out of sip cups, no more of those two. So only things needed will be tylenol and robittusin ;)