Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scotland: Arthur's Seat

Within 48 hours of V and me returning to London after India trip, the three of us took a weeks trip to Scotland. Its now a tradition of sorts, we need a summer break, just the three of us. Within 24 hours, the trip was planned, reservations made and we were on our way..... 

A quick recap of Day 1: (More to come later)
Our first day in Edinburgh started with a hike to the top of  Arthurs' Seat. A lovely 2 mile hike to the top. After having a phenomenally heavy breakfast in our hotel, gearing up with some snacks, water and juice, the three of us headed of for our climb. We had warned V that there will be no carrying her, no stroller or help. But she seemed excited to do 'mountain climbing'.
Since we entered from near Pollock Halls, we were greeted with a series of steps, uneven steps, lots of them taking us to the top. We climbed. With a three and a half, we took a few breaks, an orange break, a juice break and the most important let's-stop-and-look-around break!
The climb was definitely not hard for adults, but kudos to miss V. At reaching the top in under an hour. At the top, the view was fantastic, you get a complete 360 degree view of the city. On one side whilst you see the Edinburg Castle, on the other side you try to spot the Stirling  castle, on one side you see the vast expanse of the 'Loch' the other side you spot the mountains flanking the city. Gorgeous.

After the climb, lying on the grass, soaking up the views and just enjoying the peace and tranquil was priceless.On one of the brochures, it was mentioned when you climb Arthurs' Seat don't brag about the experience on Facebook, just do it! Now I know why, you will be at a loss of words.....

V was wonderful on the hike, yes she did have one or two complaints, like it's too cold, her feet hurt, its windy, etc. But a nice winter jacket, her favorite juice and a banana fixed her woes. The climb down was even more fun with V as both of us hummed songs and noticed bees on flowers. In summary - hike with three year olds, they remind you of your childhood.


Anonymous said...

You came to my city and never told me! We haven't yet climbed up to the top but Holyrood Park is one of the best places to visit in summer :) Looking forward to reading more about your Scotland trip.

Gayatri said...

Love it Garima. Looks like it's time to visit you :)