Thursday, December 8, 2011

When I like something, I really like it...

Take the unbelievable salad for example... As forecasted, I had it a lot and within three 
weeks, my loyalty card paid off for a free salad! ;-) I am a sucker that way!
Next, there is a wrap place next to my office. In less than 7 minutes, I get a hot wrap, eat 
it and am back to meetings! Lovely lunch break. Loyalty card approved for a free wrap next time 
I go there.
Most recently, I was introduced to a place called 'Nusa'. And trust me, it’s the best soup 
place EVER!!! There is always a line winding outside the small place for their soups. And 
believe it or not, they have over four vegetarian soup options. I can only talk about one 
variety though, the one I keep having- Santa Fe Chilli sin Carne- add on the yogurt, salsa and 
chilli on top! Its the perfect lunch for a wintery afternoon. Sadly no loyalty card here... so 
I guess I just keep going back for the flavours!

And yes, I could carry home packed lunches. I do, 'sometimes' but luckily, the lunch options 
around here are worth exploring. And the fifteen minutes I do get for lunch in my busy day is 
worth getting out of the office and exploring!

This actually leads to another topic- having the tried and tasted food or truly trying out something new?
Yes, we all love exploring... but when you find something just perfect, do you tend to try something else on the menu... just because? Your take?


Gayatri said...

I stick to my tried and tested foods yaar. It's slightly hard to experiment here in Amreeka with animal products hidden in everything.

Tanvi said...

When I am dying of hunger I try and stick to the tried and tasted ... but when I am out exploring and can still ponder over choices without getting cranky ... I might be brave enough to pick a new option :)

P.S. Good to find your blog! I think photography does ruin a holiday *sometimes*!!!

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Lakshmi said...

I tend to pick same items in each restaurant. I will try from other peoples' picks and if I like it, I will order it next time :)

Rambling Of A Single Girl In The City said...

I kinda eat what I know.. I experiment very less.. But thanks to my sis she forces me to try everything on the menu and every food joint...