Thursday, May 1, 2014

Self-Exile of a different kind

With our Costa Rica trip in early April, like all holidays/ vacations, I happily signed myself out of Facebook, unchecked notifications on my emails and basically 'unplugged'
 If you have not noticed yet, I am still in Pura Vida mode, so relaxed and comfortable.
So on my return from Costa Rica, I decided to stay logged out of Facebook. Meaning, no access from phone/ laptop/ I-devices. You get the idea. No facebook for a month.
(I cheated twice: Once to check message's for a friends postal address and once to message a friend my postal address).
Besides that, I have no idea what's happening on Facebook.

On the contrary, I have a very good idea on what's happening with my friends.
Life is still going on, with a little bit more time on my hands. I have read a bit more- one and a half books, three magazines. As you can see, I have blogged more.
And long behold: I have actually called friends and chatted about what's going on in their lives as against understanding from their facebook status.
I am lazy on phones, by the time the day is over (Read: Kids in bed, errands finished), I am done! Any energy left is well spent on catching up on Game of Throne's episodes.
So me calling, has been really good-for me at least.
Of course, I stumped my friend recently, she was like, didn’t you know about abc, I posted on FB. I was like, I actually didn’t. And then we laughed and I got 'updates' in real life.
So this 30 day-self exile actually worked.
I am thinking, may be I do want to continue this self-exile. Trust me, its tempting to log in and post this blog there. But going on FB to blog about not being on FB, hmm, not so much.
My realization: It is not all about 'being in'. As of now, I am not feeling left out. I am sure there are countless pictures/ posts/ status that I would have 'liked/ commented' But you know what, I like this quietness.
So may be, until the urge of an addict comes back, self-exile to continue.

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