Monday, September 22, 2014

I am proud of you

 As parents say, I wonder if we say that enough, we don’t want them getting too full of themselves, but at the same time, we want to appreciate them for the small and the big things.
I struggle with it, since I wonder which 'mom' I am, 'Good job baby, you are awesome!' or' That was nice, how about we do this next time'
I try to balance it and not 'keep appreciating' all the time. I think I am stern, I get angry, I scold but at the same time, I try to appreciate for things that need it.
Like this one: During dance practice I was chatting with another mom. Her kid just joined Miss V's school and she was telling me about her experience etc.
Though she didn't know my daughter’s name, turns out our kids are in the same year just different classes. What a small world!
So here is the conversation, she asks me: 'Is your daughter’s name V?'
Garima: 'Hmm, yes, how did you know?'
Fellow mom: 'Oh when I went for the school tour they showed me V's books as sample student etc'
Garima: 'Woooh, what! That is awesome'
It was really a good feeling that my child is considered as a 'sample student'. The school thinks her performance is 'worth exhibiting' to prospective parents.
I was happy and proud. Proud of her, she is 6, and I told her the story and ‘Baby, I am proud of you
She smiled and asked if there was some snack in the car!


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