Friday, May 29, 2009

Phew & Whoosh

So that’s two things i am saying for the past two days
Whoosh- since my vacation just flew by.........whoosh.. and i didn’t have anytime to register the thoughts.
Phew - Since i am pretty tired from my trip..

The trip itself was VERY relaxing and refreshing and recuperating. We did a lot and at the same time, didn’t do much! Saw the Kentucky derby.. Which i assure you gives you a nice high! Eventually we did see a couple of women with those fancy hats and dresses... putting my flip flops and Capri’s to complete shame!!!
The horses... OMG... they were like lean mean machines..... i could see their veins! See the muscles.. and to some extent i avoided eye contact with the horses, since i felt guilty.. they were racing at these speeds for our entertainment perspective.

Our destination itself- Hico, WV was beautiful. The green and the serene surroundings just took my breath away. Just felt one with the nature.. lying below the trees with grass only 3 feet high, surrounding us , the lake right there.. and SD blowing the soap bubbles for V, and her chasing them away.. and pointing to all butterflies... just perfect.. like time came to a standstill and it was us and the sky and the vastness of nature!

There were times, when i was alone in the lovely secluded cabin with V enjoying the cricket’s music and the rain tapping on our rooftops. There were times when we were tripping over each other as we had the bhangra music flowing and all girls going crazy with the dance moves. Come on.. We had a cricket team with us- only 11 people (counting V)

There were the poker sessions (in which i won once!), the game-Scategories with all of us laughing till our stomach's hurt. There was V singing and dancing and enjoying her "buba" (aka bubbles)! We became kids: dancing in the rain till our feet hurt! OMG the food... let me not even start, the clothes being tighter is proof enough i say!

And then, there was the heart stopping adventures... the canopy tours, the zip lines, the white water rafting, the small hikes.. and the BBQ's! There was of course enough "Ben-gay" being passed around for the aching knees, ankles, arms.. enough pain killers for the "Accidents" in high waters... the ice packs all around.... but it was all overshadowed and sooo worth it... ... since no matter what. Every one wanted more!!

We had amateur photographers with us trying to capture it all... but not one picture can do justice to the serenity, the fun and the bonding of the trip!

So while i do phew now.....i still keep looking at all the pictures of the trip.. where we had family with us, met new friends and old, ...
All i can think of... when i can do something like this again, with V telling me in the baby bable... "moh ps" (aka: More Please!)


Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

:-)) Nice...sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!!

GNSD said...

Hey.. Yes we did have a wonderful time, but it went by so quickly! Oh well... :-) And i feel like i am back to the concrete jungle.

Neetu said...

Gary I love your blog. so close to real life.. :)

GNSD said...

Thanks Neetu!