Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just below the boiling point....

How do you react? When you are right there, really ready to kick some A@@ or shout out profanities or just really blow off the steam. How do you behave when you are just below the boiling point?

A summer weekend, my husband went off for his weekly cricket game. I went to pick him up, since I had a few errands to run with him (Note: Spend some quality time with my husband and daughter! ;-))
I asked him, so how as your game? He replied.. It was good fun, lovely weather and perfect. Well almost.
He continues, there is this 'prick' at the games, who abuses left, right and center.
Now... this weekly cricket it with a bunch of likeminded people who love the game and enjoy this connection back to the roots.
Anyways, SD continues... at every ball the prick threw, every run he took, every shot he tried, this prick abused. And he didn’t just abuse randomly. It was directed at people. Just as effortless as one breathes, this prick abused.
I asked SD, how old was 'this prick'? You see, I think, when you are young, just getting over adolescent years, you somehow think it’s cool to abuse and get rid of the nerd glasses by just dropping F bombs. And I swear, I didn’t do that.. but I did see a few of my class mates doing that! We laugh about it now.
Continuing... SD said "It doesn’t matter. I gave him a piece of my mind and told the prick: "Once more, if you abuse me, the ball, the bat, the run, the ground.... its not going to be pretty". On a morning of the game, I am really not going to hear profanities."
The prick backed off and until I picked SD up, he didn’t utter anything. I was quiet astounded... by two things.
1. A person abusing just for the heck of it. Especially when he knows the audience is not appreciating it.
2. SD telling the guy point blank to back off.

Next weekend, I asked SD if he was going for cricket on Sunday.. he said.. Naah.. I really don’t like the prick. Game and all aside, it’s not worth it.


Lakshmi said...

I agree to the comment "No point". Several times, I have felt that there is no point wasting energy. Recent one being a lady who backed out of her parking lot and scratched our car which was on the road and then shouting profanities at our driver. After some self defense, she went on to say that she has 3 cars and this is the way she will always drive! So what point.

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

Amen to SD...pointless wasting energy and time with or for such people as the "prick" ...

Anonymous said...

No point is a good perspective. But that is good when you are able to completely avoid the person in future. My problem is what do you do when you are at the boiling point or over and above the boiling point and have no means to convey it to the person simply because of your relations or society. The frustration is so high that you cannot say a word to such a person and perhaps that is why such people take advantage of your situation and go on giving you pain. Hell, am so angry right now because of a certain indicient. No point in ranting over your blog, maybe I'll put up a post on mine. But yeah, it's difficult to handle such a situation.

Teddy with fangs said...

Firstly: I found you being astounded by this verry funnny! LOL
2. SD telling the guy point blank to back off.

I have a question for you. A direct abuse is offensive no doubt and since its so on the face it can be very perturbing. But, what about verbal abuse in the form of hidden/underlying meanings which happens to us daily either at the workplace or in our immediate other surroundings? And am not talking about faffing...
My point is we face this kind of direct/indirect abuse everyday and the only way I've learnt to handle it is by dealing with it upfront. But then again, its also a case to case situ.

Garima said...

@ Lakshmi... I know, but sometimes people turn up taking advantage of you for the same reason- no Point!
@ Priyanka... I know.. very childish of that prick!
@ Maddie... aaaaah... what to do with such people. !!!!
@ Tiny... trust me I was astounded. ;-) the hidden underlying ones are even worse.. since its emotional warfare and mindless verbal ones as well!