Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chersih them

I mean it... I got this email first thing in the morning, of someone telling me
FAMILY = (F)ather(A)nd(M)other(I)(L)ove(Y)ou/ I am not a big fan of forwards, but this one made me smile... and say- oh that’s so true.

The day goes by with rushed meetings and deadlines as usual, me keeping my head high working through, sometime looking at family pictures on my wall. They are my mid day break :-)
I write this post is to remind myself and you, that we should take the breaks, cherish the pictures, live in the moment and greet the family with love and respect they deserve.
A friend of mine was visiting home to celebrate her dad's birthday and spend some time with her family. I just found out that she lost her father on that trip. I was devastated and cannot imagine what must be going through her and her family. I have never seen without her cute smile and the only tears I have seen in her eyes are those she would get after uncontrollable laughter. I am so sorry for her loss.

The day became somber then, and I tried to continue on with work. Only to hear another bad news about another friend's loss... just one of those days I tell you. I could not go on.. I did stop everything, composed myself.

And now I write this... Savor all the happiness, the moments and the time. Call your parents, just to say hi. Say sorry like you mean it and most importantly tell the loved ones.. that you love them just one more time.
Count your blessings, keep my friends in your prayers and cherish your family.

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