Monday, January 18, 2010

After effects bliss!!!

It was a super charged, super active and super emotional day for me.
We celebrated V's second birthday. I can only imagine how hard it would have been to sacrifice the play off's for a kiddie party! I am sure waking up for a brunch on a cold Sunday morning can be hard. But they came. Kids enter a whole another domain on the cake-sugar high.. but was amazing to see them play together. Friends and family under one roof.. with cute party hats.. and even funnier blow me outs. No better way to celebrate V’s two! V was sleepy at first.. and was back to being her old jumpy self as the day progressed!
As i was making my round of introductions to friends with each other; I realized often saying- Oh we went to high school together. Oh, them; we went to undergrad, masters together. We know them for so long. We have met recently but seems like we know each other forever. We are meeting after so long, but seems like not a day has passed. We may not meet as often as we’d like, but we always compensate for lost time… And so on.
As i did all this, i looked around the room and realized everyone was gelling, making new acquaintances, catching up with old friends, playing with V and over all having a good time. SD and I were missing the rest of our families, our friends back home and our friends spread around the country, friends who could not make it........ at the same time, we were very happy to be surrounded with friends and family for V's special day.
I often consider myself lucky to have been definitely blessed with such good people around us. They showered V with love, affection and blessings. They helped us lay the party together, wind it off.. and make it fun. With my brother here now, V was jumping from mama to one uncle-maasi then to another and then back to mama! She was fully pampered, rightly so!
Yes, I am knocking on wood as i type each word! I have said this many times on my blog... parenting gets a whole of fun with such wonderful people around us! V makes it simple for us.. and then the remainder we have the help of family, mama, maasi's and uncles for. Oh yes.. and definitely the cool aunt(s) she has!
Thank you guys.
SD and I were overwhelmed for once.. and are proud to say it as well!

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Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

Belated Happy Birthday to V !: -)