Thursday, January 7, 2010

What a movie will do to you... or wont!!!

And yes, this post is not about 3 Idiots or Avataar..the latest talk of the town! It’s about a lazy evening being transformed into either a super nice evening or a super boring one by the choice of a movie, Confused? Ok.. let me explain.
Our re-sleep training with V is going on pretty well now. This means, after dinners, her sleep time, next day preparations and winding down for the day…. we have our late evenings back to us! V sleeps and we enjoy our weeknight laziness. Its a win-win situation!
After the holiday cheer died out, parties ended and work began as usual, all SD and I wanted was to curl up on the couch and watch a movie. And nothing better than a good movie or a good book!
So, come Monday night, I get a DVD from a friend who said movie is so-so but amazing graphics for an Indian film. So, we said lets give it a shot, needless to say, within 30 minutes, after 4 useless songs, some repeated action scenes.. and oh yes, bikini blazing babes.. yes its an Indian movie.. Nothing had happened! 1.5 hours into the movie.. the story has not moved an inch. So I gave up; I just couldn't take it any more.
For me a bad movie, is one of the things which makes me cranky.. yes in addition to hunger, lack of sleep and mess!
So i call it a night.. too irritated to even stop the movie and watch something else or read!
Tuesday night, this time SD recommends a movie. It’s again a Hindi one but about a more realistic one about match fixing etc. Ok, sounds good. Let’s try. It was pretty much a repeat of the night before. The only difference being, SD thought i was liking the movie, so he kept watching it. And i was thinking, he might like it, so i will watch it. Midway, SD and i burst out laughing realizing that we both hated the movie equally. Once more i crash early.
Third night... SD had to work late, while he was on the computer working away, i decided to go for a HBO on demand!! A Chick Flick! Finally! Third time's the charm... I kept giggling and oohing and aahing in the movie. I would catch SD shaking his head vehemently at the cheesiness.. the chick flicki-ness of it all!!! But i could tell he was sorta enjoying it as well. I was happy watching a decent movie with SD. Only catch; SD was busy working.. while i was enjoying my late night coffee with a girly movie!
Only thing missing was a couple of my girl friends and nail paint to call it a perfect "girls night!" ;-)
I finally slept peacefully, and was not annoyed by the directors, the movie guys or the audience at making crappy movies.

And oh yeah, happier at reaping the benefits of V's sleep schedule! Come on; I deserve some slack!! ;-)

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