Monday, October 10, 2011


Or Gadget friendly! Whatever you call it. :-)
I am officially moved over to the 'unsmart' with over four smart devices for two adults in our house.
Right when I moved to London, one of the big issues, was not having internet. It was hard to plan, to get directions, to be in touch. Implying a book of street maps gifted by our relocation company became my best friend! My husband joked that instead of our kids water in my purse, the book existed. Yes, It was my best friend during those unpleasant weeks of apartment hunting, figuring out lay of the land and of course the fun filled- to tourist trips in the city. But I learned the city really well. My directions, my understanding of street layout all improved slowly but surely.
But after three long months of wait (thanks to 'efficient' systems to get a cell phone here) I got me my smart phone. And then with time, i got the smarter phone, rather the iPhone and now I am hooked! Need to go to someplace new, no more using the mind, oh let me just open up my maps, GPS. Need a new restaurant to go to, no more exploring in the area, lets just look at the app and figure it out. Oh don’t know the time now in Chicago or India, no more using basic math to subtract or add hours, let me just check the clock out. No more remembering to do's, no more post it's let me just make a note on one of my four smart devices and then sync them.
Of course I refuse to move from paper back to e-readers! That’s where I draw the line.
I am now over connected, over hooked and still okay. 
Basically, instead of using my mind for simple stuff or even complicated stuff, I just 'app' it.

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Gayatri said...

You are hilarious! And I miss you :(