Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I am back!


All right, I am back. Sorry for the longish break.
Two main reasons:
1. Its been crazy busy this side of Atlantic.
--- Hence been a wishy washy on this time
2. I have had a few trolls on both of my blogs.
--- Which was quiet irritating and affected me more than I wanted!

Oh well... am done with the trolls now! :-D
I am here, back here: judge me, condone me, appreciate me. Whatever, my blog, my writing, my space.
Don’t drop by if you don’t care for it.

Now that's out of my system..

How have you been?

On my front, life's been great, of course being blessed with weather in late 70's in September has been amazing. With IL's visiting, the happier weather resulted in sightseeing, picnics, walks and strolls. Lots of them! Though winter is on the horizon, I loved the extended summer or more rightly 'Indian Summer'. I am excited to use my new winter boots though!
Other aspects, its been crazy busy, with work, with home, with V's new school, with new social scene and of course adjusting in. But slowly and surely I seem to be coping well.
Guess what, I am waking early.... before the clock strikes seven! That's and achievement for me. Of course this implies, I have been sleeping earlier than normal. Booo. I am yawning at 9, and to be up beyond 10 on a weekday is an achievement. Booo.
No, its nothing to do with me being 29+1 now. I think its just new schedules and my need for more sleep and less coffee. Yes you read that right, less coffee.

All right, so much to catch up on, I will do that slowly and surely. But I am back now,so do stick around!
Meanwhile enjoy a glimpse of our Indian Summer Fun!

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Gayatri said...

Trolls on a personal blog? That only means one thing ... JEALOUSY! Don't let them get you down!

I'm so jealous of your fantastic weather. We've been bundled up in sweaters & jackets for the past 2 weeks! Send us some sunshine please :)