Monday, November 7, 2011

The feel good ones

Here's the thing about feel good movies, you can watch them over and over again and you always finish with a smile.
Top ones on my list are- Serendipity, P.S. I Love you, Hum Tum and  of course Something's gotta give.
Recently on a long flight,  no better thing than watching a movie you can never go wrong with. I watched 'something's gotta give' for the millionth time!

But some how this time when I watched it, I payed a lot more attention. The subtleties, the contrast, the difference but still the unity in the movie is brilliant.
She likes French music, he owns a hip hop record label. She considers herself older than she is, and he is the suave, makes you weak in the knees type of 63 years old. The house, she is all white, beach house and serene. And he is in the middle of the city, all black, exciting. Her sheets are white, his black. His floor is multi levelled, and hers single  storied. She is not scared of being in love and he cant even commit to sleeping on the same bed. And the best difference in them. She is a Mac and he a PC.
I mean seriously?
Brilliant movie, brilliant casting and this time after watching it, my love for the movie grew a tad bit more! Till next time!


Gayatri said...

Agree completely! Something's Gotta Give is a classic :)


Anonymous said...

I have yet to see this movie. It sounds absolutely fascinating!

Garima said...

@Gaya.... aaah, i can watch it again
@Paneer and \Pulao.. you must watch it. Its one of thsoe that is so subtle yet classic!