Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Husband!

There are two things that have sort of become a pattern in my life after marriage.
Come my birthday, and for some strange reason, we are always, either moving houses, planning a move or some other big change.
Come hubby's birthday, we are generally on a vacation, about to leave on holiday or just returning from one.
But this year definitely was an exception to the rule.
We celebrated my birthday very much in Chicago. Of course the move to London was in the background (or foreground, since we moved 24 days after my birthday). But still we enjoyed my birthday and I loved every minute of the three day celebration!
This year for Sumit's birthday, which is today :-D, we are not in any sort of vacation mode. Well, Sumit had a stay-cation last week due to V's mid term school break. But that does not count. On his birthday, we are very much in regular school day- work day mode! But we definitely do plan to make the most of the evening!
So in the year of changes, this is another change to our birthday rules... :-)

Sumit, wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
Today is your day, let there always be music-full volume style, laughter- falling on the floor types, food- licking your fingers type and friends- got your back types and above all family - that can get your pulse ticking!
Smile baby, Life is Good!
Enjoy your birthday and oh yeah.... looking forward to the next year full of travels!

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Gayatri said...

You're such a good wife. You make me hang my head in shame!!!