Friday, March 2, 2012

Long and the short of it

Statement 1: ‘I have been lucky to live near work and travel less than 30 minutes to get to work.
Alternatively the above line can be written as:
Statement 2: ‘I have bullied Sumit for the past few years to have an apt. close to my work with little consideration for his work location.’
The latter though correct, sounds harsh. So I will stick to Statement 1: ‘I have been lucky to live near work and travel less than 30 minutes to get to work.
But, isn’t there always a but in such sentences.
I have now come to a time where though we live in a coveted area in Central London, work is FAR away. Door to door 2 hours away. And that is one way my friends. I promised myself, I won’t bitch about the travel, but when 80% of my thoughts are along those lines, it’s hard not to.
Yes, I know people have been doing this for years, it’s a way of life for many and yes, it’s normal.
Well I agree with all that, but I have to say, it’s not been my normal! And it’s taking a lot of getting used to this '4 hour' daily commute to work.
I love my work, the challenges, the people and above all the thrill of making a difference and achieving it. But the travel really sucks!
For reasons, the  Mon-Thursday travel doesn’t work for me. So I settle with commuting 4 hours a day.
On the pros, I have read 5 books in the past few weeks. In the long train ride seen a couple of my 'must watch' movies including 'Too big to fail!'.  And best of all, in my train, I have written long work proposals and drawn up enough presentations in the peace and quiet of being away from the net and phone. So yes, the travels have been productive.
But (Again the big word)
It sucks, I hate running in so that I don’t miss my fast train. I hate sipping on coffee by myself whilst hubby and V call me when they are munching the morning breakfast. I detest coming home just wishing the lights are on in my daughter’s bedroom so I can play with her.
It will take A LOT OF GETTING USED to. Luckily I have had a good and trust worthy support structure. Who
a. have been listening to my non stop rants,
b. giving me the neck massages I need after the long day and heavy laptop carrying
c. Taking care of the kiddo and her sleep schedules and above all for
d. The kiddo who comes to me as soon as I come home and says: 'Why dont you lie down on the couch and I will give you blankie. We can snuggle and read a book there'

This sort of pampering I could get used to.
Travel Woes... I am ready to face you. For today!


Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

Tell me about long commutes to work:))...Endured the long commute from NOVA to Germantown(took anywhere from 1-2 hours one way) for 5 years...and can't explain how glad I was to finally bring that down to 15 mins with a job switch...I really value the additional 2-3 hours of my life that I get to spend with Raya now daily...for me nothing's more important than that at this point of time...:)
Hope it works out well for you in the long run...good luck...

Rambling Of A Single Girl In The City said...

I hate to commute such long distance.. India especially chennai it gets on our nerves with huge traffic jams and stuff... I am happy that you have some one take care.. Nice post :D

Lakshmi said...

I love the positive things you have written in this rant post. I guess the silver linings brigten up every thing else - being productive in train and the most important of all - caring toddler :) and neck massages :) Go girl!!!

Anonymous said...

4 hours a day! And I thought Los Angeles was bad...