Friday, March 15, 2013

Can an adventurous person be a low risk taker?

Last night, over some post dinner-dessert time with friends I mentioned this- I am low risk taker. A
bell went on, but I am adventurous. Do these two qualities go hand in hand?

I could quote KM and say- I take calculated risks. True, but in some ways I guess we all do, right? Any decision is always a balance of pros and cons. Weighing out the rights, the wrongs, the what if scenarios and then making the decision(s).
Of course the above is untrue for decisions like what to eat/wear? You know what I mean, the bigger
picture. We all take calculated risks.

I am low risk taker, but then I like taking the un-taken path. I thrive on change as much as I like a
schedule. Hmm

Does low risk taking capacity and being adventurous go hand in hand?
I now wonder.

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