Monday, May 13, 2013

Quick Food Fix: Quinoa Avacado Pancakes/ Childa

Being a mom means busy. Actually being any person now a days means busy. You are generally shuttling from engagement to the next, coordinating work meetings, social calendars, pencilling in me time and then of course finding time in all this to sleep.
In this busy schedule, we all to varying degrees are concious of what we eat, how we eat and the time spent in order to make the things needed.
I am a big fan of quick healthy fixes. Something which had loads of vegetables and can be served in less than twenty minutes for this foodie family of mine, sign me up!

A friend of mine D recently called me in the evening with a 'Hallelujah' kind of voice, she tried to make something which was quick, loved by her pre schooler and healthy. Here is her recipe with a few modifications

1 Avocado: Finely Chopped
1/2 Onion:  Finely Chopped
1 Cup Cucumber, tomato: Finely Chopped
1 Cup Quinoa- boiled and drained
1 green chilli
1/4 inch ginger
1 cup finely chopped cilantro
3 tsp Besan/ Chick Pea flour
Black Pepper
Red chilli powder
Optional: Chaat Masala
You can add other vegetables as well

1. In the boiled Quinoa, add besan and all vegetables, spices.
2. Mix well and adjust seasoning. I added a bit of lemon juice for tangy flavour.
3. The batter should be thick and consistent.
4. Heat a non stick pan and start making small pancakes.

Serve with Green Chutney, Ketchup!

Note: My batter was a bit runny, so I added extra besan. In addition when you are making the pan cakes ensure one side is very crisp before you flip them, else you will have something called a 'Quinoa Scramble'

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