Thursday, May 2, 2013

The simplicity of it all

Things are wired differently between men and women. I know, I should know it, it’s been said over and over again, but somehow it strikes me now, men and women are different in the simplest of things.
Case in Point: Planning a dinner.

To continue our girls night evenings, a friend sent an email a week before with time and venue.
The chicas replied one after the other whether they could make it or not. If they would be late or bummer something is up. This was in general followed by text to reflect: 'How Exciting, cant wait!' This includes yours truly of course. It just feels natural.
Come day of the event, a gentle reminder is sent out.
As usual we meet, have a gala of a time. Relax, chillax, catch up and feel refreshed. Some girl time is needed. Very much needed.
The next day, a slew of emails follow thanking the organiser, saying until next time or more simply, 'Can't wait for next time!'
This includes yours truly of course. It just feels natural.

Now, how does this relate to men planning a dinner, you ask? Here is your answer. Boy's Night

The same day, the spouses realised the wives are out. Hmm. What a perfect evening to spend time with the boys.
A text goes out from guy 1 to the other: Dinner, my place. Maggi and some drinks, Poker, come whenever. This text then gets forwarded and send again to others in the gang. Plan done, simple.
Icing on the cake:
Hubby S: Dinner, my place tonight. X and Y are confirmed.
Friend A: Sure, what time
Hubby S: 7:00
Friend A: Will be there, who is this?
Hubby S: haha, love the spirit. This is Sumit.

I was stumped by the simplicity of how men planned the same evening. I asked hubby, 'How the hell can your plans be so simple
He looks at me stumped and says: 'It just feels natural.'

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Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

Nice one...good to see you back in blogosphere...keep writing...