Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Story of 'The Birthday party (s)'

'No more Birthday Parties, just a cake' That was my resolve last year.
And this is what actually transpired this year.

My Kids have their birthdays 1 month apart. Lucky, our friends told us, just one birthday party! Yay, and we agreed.
But this is what it actually happened.
1.  On the birthday day for the little one, you have to cut some cake. So that was Party number 1.
2., 3. With an India trip and doting grandparents and family around their birthday's resulted in two parties One with my in-laws, one with my parents. Count of parties rose to a total of 3
4.  My older wants to have all her girlfriends over for some fun. She has been asking for this since forever. So fine, let’s have them over for cookie decorating party. Count of parties increases to 4
 5. Since the older one's birthday falls on a Friday, and there has to be cake. So that’s yet another small party making it party number 5.
 6. Now, all our dear friends who have seen our kids grow up since the day they were born and want to celebrate their special day. I told a friend, this year, I am not planning on a party, just a cake. She said, well I want to be there for the cake then. She said, I don’t care, I want to celebrate the kids milestones.
 I love our friends and their support and endless hugs giving rise to party number 6.
 Going from no party to six parties for my two daughters in one year.
I am not complaining, but just wondering, how did this really happen? And as I look back not one of them I could avoid or wanted to avoid.
 Once again I vow, next year, coming year, no birthday parties, just a cake.
 Until Year 2015

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