Thursday, November 21, 2013

So how is it with with TWO kids?

I get asked this question a LOT. As I was telling someone recently, if I had a penny for each time I got asked this quesiton, I would be on track to be a millionaire.
 So seriously, how is it with TWO kids?
Hmm, Like having one kid and one shadow.
My kids are five years apart. So that does help. The older one 'helps' out. No seriously she does. She will entertain the Little Lady whilst I cook dinner or go to the loo or just read a book. Ok, the last one is a stretch, but yes, it is a big help.
 But at the same time, it is a pain, since now whist I sing the ABC's or teach the colors to the little one, I am like: Crap, not again! I am not even thinking about the Potty training time to come soon.
 So how is it with TWO kids?
In all due honesty, I have seen a side of my older one that I could not fathom. The way she looks and cares for her little sister is amazing. She takes out toys, reads books to her and above all is super protective of her. The first thing she does after coming home is kiss the little one. It is the selflessness in her which no book, no social setting would have taught her. Its only since she is an older sister. At the same time she is coping with 'Its not all about her anymore'

For the little one, it is MUCH easier this time around for us at least. I am not freaking out at every missed meal, a single cough. Knowing, 'It all works out soon enough' helps me cope with it. If she is not crawling by 9 months, I look at my older one run around the house. They all get there. Knowing that is so calming.
Plus the shadow I mentioned above is so true. The little one crawls around the house looking for her sister or the dad. She is picking a few things without us teaching her. Whether its sharing toys, waiting while we get to her or even simple thing like: Chilling. Since there are two kids in the house, we cant get to both of them at the same time. So both the kids are learning to be more self-sufficient.
There was no specific reason why we decided to have another kid. Our family felt very complete with just one kid. But now with Little Lady, It feels complete. Again.
There is a special bond. When I see my girls playing with each other now, or just sitting at dinner table or the older one making silly faces at the little one. It all makes me mush and more often than not, I get misty eyed. I know they will have each other. No Matter What.
Yes they will fight, they will have tantrums but at the end of the day, they will have a friend for life.

Having said all that, IT IS BLODDY HARD WORK with two kids schedules, activities, our social life and work. But I llow my Mantra: 'Count to ten and breathe. Life is Good'

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Anu said...

Hi garima!

Oh congratulations on your baby 2!!!
Its been foreversince I blogged,but I am "kinda" back now:)
Lotsa love:)