Monday, February 24, 2014

Complaining to Enjoying... tough but doable

I have complained. A LOT over this never ending Chicago Winter. I have complained to every one who'd listen, not listen. I have ranted long and I have ranted hard. You get the Idea!
But then, something changed. Sumit showed me a link of the CPD for Polar Days, the theme of the event: Its cold, but get out and enjoy yourself. Hmm, I honestly felt like it was targeted at me.
 We had friends visiting this Saturday and they loved the idea of being out as well, only for a bit, but out.
So we layered, buckled up, layered some more and headed out to the Northerly Island. It was AWESOME. Awesome to see huskies sledding in Chicago. Awesome to hear about their natural habitat, awesome for our kids to pet them and feed them and not so awesome to hear: I think I want a husky as a pet!

The kids did crafts, tried slipping on ice, the babies hung around the indoor camping tent. We clicked silly pictures, laughed so hard!

It was actually liberating- to be out and enjoy the winters as against complaining about them. Of course it did help that it was 32 F/ 0C which is balmy for Chicago standards. But yes, for what's left of winter (I think 3 more months) I am going to make an effort to be out a little more and complain a little less.

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