Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mother of two girls... and?

----------------------------------------- In the beginning---------------------------------------------------
Garima: A mother
People: Wow, congratulations, must be busy and hard.
In my mind: No, its easy, well I don’t know any better, this is what it's supposed to be I guess!

Garima: A mother of one girl
People: Girls are so precious. Am sure she will give you sleepless nights when she gets to her teens
 In my mind: Uh, why? My brother and I both must have given a lot of sleepless nights in our teens. But yes I agree, Kids are precious and my Little V more so for me
----------------------------------------- A few years later---------------------------------------------------
Garima: A mother of two girls
People: Wait what? Wow.
Generally look at Sumit and say: Time to get the second job and bulk up. You need the muscles to ward off boys.
Generally look at Garima and say: Time for the boy, may be third time's the charm!!

In my mind: What!!
My two girls are perfect. When we planned for our second, it was since it felt right for our family(and of course increase chaos), we didn’t even find out what gender the baby will be- goes to show, we didn’t care: Boy or Girl! So yeah.
Please, my kids are perfect to me and family is complete. If we do have a third kid and if that kids a boy, great and if that kids a girl: even better, I have a load of hand me downs already.
Kids are expensive, yes we know that. Trust me! But that does not mean my darling husband needs a second job, trust me we thought it through before we went down this path of parenthood. And bulk up?? Seriously?
I don’t think my dad was peeling boys away from me when I was in my teens. Bulk or no bulk, I was just fine and so was my dad. And I think my girls and Sumit will be fine as well.

Now gist: Phew!
It's a natural thing to ask: Two kids, boys or girls?
And then I would assume it's a natural thing to say: Good for you, can I see pictures? Let me know when I can meet them?
And if you ask, drop them off and head out to the movies..... We LOVE it!
And then move on to the next topic.

Why does us having two girls give us collective gasps or even hearing double trouble! Seriously?
 We live in 21st century right? Let me check the date again! Yes we do. So please Butt Out

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I missed out on that update:) such lovely news!

As for people and their thinking, the less said the better!