Friday, October 30, 2015

Holiday Season and this whole My Fitness thing really SUCK!!!

 Yeah, the title sort of says everything!

It's lovely Fall Weather here and there are pumpkins and bright orange all around you see. There is Apple Cider smells on the streets and Delicious treats at every table you see. There are pot lunches and deliciousness all over.
And its only October, the best is yet to come, we have Thanksgiving & XMAS just around the corner.

AND I complain.

Simple Reason: I want to stick to my next target: Follow MyFitness Pal through my big vacation in December.

And this means all this deliciousness around me makes me cranky. I see the warm hot cider and I calculate calories mentally. I see this candy which I can steal from the kids and mentally I check the fat content. In pot lunches, I see all this food and mentally dream of the butter that was put in these delicious smells.


This Sucks. Of course I eat, but in moderation (That's the whole point behind the My Fitness Pal).
Instead of the full chocolate, I manage surviving on 1/2 of the size. It satisfies the tongue but not the greed.
And Yes, of course I could eat it and not write it down, but hey I am doing this for myself so if I cheat, it really does not help.

I know its good for me to do this and I have made some progress. But I can complain and am complaining and will complain. I better fit into my target dress by December!!!

And yes, Happy Haloween

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