Monday, March 21, 2016

Movie Review: Kapoor & Sons

It was a last minute plan for a late night movie show... and it worked out perfectly: We went to see 'Kapoor & Sons'

A very simple story, a very real story, a movie with very raw emotions and above a very simple message that we tend to forget: its family, it may not be perfect at times, it may drive you up the wall at time but it will stand by you no matter what!

Without giving away the twists and the turns of the movie: It’s about a dysfunctional family. A cool dadu, parents with two sons, both writers, one struggling and one published. It is about a dad who 'attempted' his hand at business and things really didn’t work out resulting in a series of bad decisions. It is about a mother who is the rock of the house and still so vulnerable. It's about a 'Mr. Perfect' son and his struggle with maintain the perfect facade and being true to himself. It's about an 'imperfect' son being true to himself but struggling with his family having any confidence in him. It's about a girl who is so bubbly that you want her in your life, but is so complicated that you just want to untangle the world around her and hug her.

It's about us relating to these characters in different ways, it’s about simple jokes we crack in our daily lives and chuckle along. It's funny yet intense. It's definitely 'not commercial' which I loved. Case in point: A scene in the movie was a house party scene which left me reminiscing a few our own college days with no care in the world.

From a review perspective: All I can say is go see it. It might be a movie you could wait to come on DVD/ Online versions. But still you should see it 'properly' aka: See it one stretch with no disturbances.

As usual, Rishi Kapoor was amazing, he was himself at 90. I loved his crude humor and his wisdom transferred in a funny way. This would be the 'Cool Dadu' one would always want.

Alia Bhatt: I see her as this small bundle of potential. She is bubbly with layers of emotions sowed in her. The one scene in which she captures her life with her parents leaves you speechless. You could empathize with her, relate to her and above all feel sorry for her.

Siddhartha Malhotra: hmm, Okay. Definite Eye Candy, but performance wise, it left a lot to be desired. Considering the story was such a strong one. His intense scene of being angry seemed like a 'shouting match' the emotions really didn’t translate well.

Fawad Khan: I want to now go and see all his movies. He, in my mind was the true star of the movie. Such a rock solid performance and of course his chiseled looks helped. But he was cashing in on his performance more than his looks. Amazing!!!

Ratna Pathak, the mother: I love love love this lady. She can do no wrong. Simple. Okay may be, the make up in the movie wanted to make her 'look old' especially the hair. But hey, like I said, this fabulous actor can do no wrong in my mind.

Rajat Kapoor, the father: He is such a person next door quality about him that you could simply see this happening
Supporting Characters: Some very hilarious and some elements were silly but cute. I liked that everything felt very 'normal', no larger than life syndrome. The silliness was never ‘Oh gosh, yet again!’

In all fairness, something that I feel Hindi movies lack is the 'Character Building' and in this movie I think you could relate to all characters and see them as 'complete wholes' explaining their emotions and jest.

Hope you do see the movie and make sure you carry a tissue or two in the movie. 

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