Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Diwali 2016.... a Journey

Another year, another Diwali and another fun celebration!!!!

This is 'My Festival' and year after year, I love having our friends and family over and celebrate this festival of Lights and feel a little bit more at home.

This year was a bonanza, every weekend we were dressing up, be it Navratri, the festival leading upto Diwali, or gathering of friends for Diwali Parties!

As they are getting older, at our house Diwali Party, the kids do an annual Diwali Dance! Until last year, it was just the older girls and this year the tiny toddlers are in the mix

Here is our dance routine for this year

Child 1: Almost 7 year old A: Karr Gayi Chull
Child 2: Almost 9 year old Chatterbox: Cham Cham
Both Older Kids: Pinga Pori, with a surprise element from the adults as well
All Toddlers: Kala Chasshma

And it was one amazing times, the older girls practice on their own,  chances are next year, they will be choreographing on their own!

Luckily I have the little munchkins to 'choreograph' for a few more years.

This year was super special, since my friend and equal dance nut, K encouraged me to join the girls for a dance! And we did, on Pinga... might not be the most elegant, but we had a blast practicing, especially when the girls would see us and say: 'The adults made a mistake, or mummy you forgot this step!'

Yeah, getting corrected by your kids is sometimes fun!

My tradition of having these dance practices is simple:
I am hoping my kids and their friends feel that Diwali is a big deal. I am hoping they continue to love Bollywood with all its fun and frolic and enjoy dancing without a care in the world.

Here are a few Diwali images from over the years

2011... There were 3!!!

2016... And now we are 4!

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