Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Bollywood: Cacophony or Harmony?

I am confused by the two movies released this year which are polar opposites in content, in characters, in story, but somehow they both strike cord!

I am not here to say which one I like more, which one was hmm. It's my opinion and I can well "word" it here!

Movie One: Padmavat-i-: The story of valor and courage of Rajput Princess, married to a kind and an honorable king and being the object of affection of a malevolent person! A story of grandeur, Love, sacrifice and above all honesty and grace! Opulent sets and a beautiful and powerful performance by all three stars!
A movie which caused a lot of controversy before its release!!
A movie I coudn't wait to see in the theaters with my mom.

And then

Movie 2: Veere Di Wedding: The story of 4 chicas gallivanting in uber modern clothes and pretty much confused in what they want in life, oblivious to what they have while riding in their Bentley's but for sure displaying the tumultuous relationships of girls! It’s a story of how they navigate through failed or failing or restoring love lives. As for the stars... one new kid left me amazed as the Dairy Queen, one left me quite impressed as the divorcee  giving the nosy Aunti-ji’s exactly what they deserved and then the for the rest I am going to stay quiet!
A movie which is causing some controversy after its release!
A movie I could not even imagine watching with my mom.

And that’s the cacophony, in today's day and age how does such opposite content survive? Are we are audience confused in what cinema is? 
For me, what drew me to the theater for both these movies is the following: 
Movie 1- the story and the clothes!!!
Movie 2- the lack of them both!!! (Yep, tongue in cheek!).

Here is the harmony of Bollywood for me: Polar opposite content but still female driven movies! Which is so inspiring.

I am not here to give a movie review, trust me. What I am here to say is- I am confused! I enjoyed them both in unique way’s and that what leaves me confused.

Imagine a movie to be a canvas painting: Each scene is a stroke of brush, unique and all adds to the final canvas! When you look at it from a distance, they both are appealing and the canvas is the director's representation of the story!!!

Kudos to these story tellers, these artists!

For us, the consumers... we see, we cherish, we critique and we move on to the next canvas.
But honestly, Bollywood continues to confuse me and I now await the next canvas!

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