Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So.. i have been thinking of doing this for a while.. and i think i am happy doing this! i.e. writing on the World Wide Web!
Well, OK i may be ahead of myself right now, may be not happy writing on the blog for anyone and everyone seeing this.. right now, lets stick to Apprehensive.

Why you may wonder.. most of the people i know will consider me outgoing, friendly and open! And i think of the same of myself (Do i see some frowns). Anyways, for the longest time ever, i am opposed to expressing personal opinions, views and thoughts so openly on the net.
Dont get me wrong, i am a very opinionated person and will not think twice before saying what i think about something (My darling husband smiles!) and not that i am scared of net...i am techie myself, engineer to be precise. So technology doesn't scare me.

Its just the thought of someone you may or may not know reading your innermost feelings, thoughts, hopes and pretty much day to day stuff. It's kind of weird to me.

So i am trying to overcome this fear! I do enjoy writing, i think words can do wonders, just the way to say it, way to phrase it.. and way you describe it... can take you places, make you smile, frown. What i am trying to convey is, you can do wonders by writing and invoke the emotions we did not know exist.

I am comfortable writing.. i used to be one of those girls who maintain a diary of the deepest emotions! And i'd freak if someone even laid a finger on it.... and i know this post is nowhere close, but writing so openly is a big step for me.

I think now i am overcoming my anxiety and getting closer to being happy about doing this.

SD will vouch, i always have hundreds of ideas, loads of plans, loads of wishes... come on. as girls I have the right to! This way, it will be nice to just actually spell them out.
One of the other things about writing, i gave up writing my diary years ago...Just got busy with studying, work and life.
But i remember, when i was down in college, or just upset, reading those pages, would always invoke tears of joy in me. It would make me appreciate what i had become cuz of those little incidents in my life. And i dont know why, but it will always make me smile and understand, that for whatever reason that i am upset is another learning experience.. and after a couple of years, no matter how bad the incident was, it will make me smile!
And it makes my belief stronger- "Whatever happens, it happens for a reason and its always for the better. I may not know why is it good today, but in the long run, i will understand that Its always for the better"

Phew.. okay.. thats a good start for me i think.. Finally i "blog"

PS: And about the diary i had, i still wont anyone lay a finger on it! SD dont even bother.


Ashish said...

Welcome to the blog world!!

Yes, I have a blog (on LJ). No, I won't give the link because after the initial burst of posting, its down to posting once in a few months. So, I will just comment on your writing instead. :-))

New Mom said...

Nice idea...i have a blog too...tending Riya, its more focused on her. I am not that great a photographer so i thot writing about her will probably fill in for those gaps. Also somtimes after months of gap, someone sends me a note of appreciation and thats a nice reward!

Tiny Dancer said...

Interesting to know that you've started blogging... maybe this one way atleast I'd be able to bridge the gap between us...
The rest... follows in the email am sending you

Blogging is like an adventurous journey, so Bon Voyage!