Friday, March 13, 2009

Funky Friday's!

I dont about anyone else... but my feet have an extra swing in them on Friday's.. especially after the clock strikes noon. Man, i cant wait for the time that i change in my snow boots and head out of work to pick up V and not to come back to work for 2 whole days... its wonderful.. And then.. next Friday- same story!

Two full days of whatever.. doesn’t really matter... it may be extensive plans, or just a chill back and relax, may be shopping, may be movies..... no matter what those two days hold, i am pretty much running through my meetings on Friday’s, continously calling SD with my plan(s).... and hoping no fires happen at work.. so after i leave and pretty much for 48 hours.. not think about work. And those 48 hours are then all for V!

Its amazing how this conversation rules my household every Thursday nights while V is snoozing- jaan, what’s the POA for weekend? reply: lets keep Friday evenings free..

this is one evening, we both love to unwind ourselves, have a lazy dinner and pretty much do nothing. If we do meet some friends, we ask them to come over...
Exactly opposite of what it used to be just two years ago.. When Friday night, never ever lazy, either out with friends, or having a get together or just partying out.. if nothing else, picking up SD from airport (he travelled a whole load back then) going for some fancy ass dinner, and then meeting friends for something or the other.

I could say, may be its cuz of V, but honestly, i know its not! cuz she's a sweetheart.. happy go lucky gal, who wouldn’t mind any plans we make with her. (Come on she is 14 months!) May be the cold Chicago weather.. and may be we are just enjoying this one evening.. when we pretty much do nothing and love every minute of it..

For both of us, we prefer not to have any household work for weekends...for me, weeknights (except Friday) is when we complete all the chores like: laundry, house cleaning, cleaning V toys, groceries and all the other annoying tasks...... both SD and I love to have weekend free. Weekends are for us to dote on V, to see some new chicago festival, to laze around, meet friends, walk in the city, shopping.... anything... but mostly never house chores!

It's amazing to see how i feel things have progressed:
In undergrad....weekday/ weekends seemed all the same.. College on weekdays.. and some computer class, tuitions some stuff on weekends.. and rest of the time, anything.. didnt really matter.. family dinners, catch up with friends, some marriage functions, some guests over at home.. only thing which was certain.. was sunday lunch at home with everyone sitting together and eating together some yummy marwaari delicacy that mum made.. it was so much simpler

In Grad school... well i dont know when was day and when was night.. forget weekdays and weekends.. man those were super duper busy days... the only thing that i remember distinctly, almost the entire first year...we were three girl friends who would call a freind to drive 60 miles from OC to pick us up from LA and then drive the same 60 miles back to his house.. no wonder he called us "Teen Hatya! ;-)" our reason of making him drive so much..we didnt have a car.. and we were too lazy to take the train which was ten minutes from college campus!

Then the minute work started, and then started weekend planning.. never home on Friday nights, always meeting up friends, travelling, some place, some restaurant, some thing or the other.. and when SD and i were dating, same stuff and rest of time, on phone or him making a few surprise visits to LA.. and then .. slowly progression to where i am now... very happy.. making no qualms of really loving a funky Friday office day and equally relaxing Friday evening..

Yes, we do meet our friends on Friday evening .... but they know us, and they come over and relax and unwind from the week.... .. and if nothing else.. we'll go someplace where we can walk with V in the city.. and be home after dinner for a good game of Poker while V is blissfully dreaming of her weekend fun and frolic!


Ashish said...

One of the main (if not the only) reason for what you find a perfect weekend now as compared to a few years ago is the growing up bit you did (in your mind). Prithi and I are experiencing the same thing and we don't have a kid yet!! :-)
Priorities change, you don't get angry at some things which you would in your teen years (like your friend forgetting to call on your birthday!!) :p

GN said...

Agreed! But i somehow still refuse to beleive the "growing up" part! Yes, i am in denial!

But, yes the all night parties, and dancing the night away dont appeal to either of us any more. And i am happy, no more aspirin for the blaring music!
I rather head to a (kid-freindly) lounge and catch up with friends,

Ashish said...

you are getting old, accept that!! I already did. :-D