Monday, March 23, 2009

Time will go by fast- clichéd but true!

So, it was an ordinary Sunday afternoon. My brother was visiting V (now I say, V and not us; since genuinely, all he wanted was to spend time with her). Back to the point, so bhaia, SD, V and i stepped out for a nice afternoon stroll. Walked to bhaia's favorite coffee place and got our 'Turtle Mochas' the adults got chatting.. while V started exploring the coffee house.

I drifted away from our discussions of "these tough economic times" to just gaze at V. She was oblivious to us, oblivious to our conversations... she was wobbling in the coffee house, observing strangers as they walked by, gazing out of the glass doors on the street: A kid trying out the two wheel scooter while his mother had a watchful eye on him, a homeless man looking for change fallen on the ground, a cute hurried couple walking in the store, the server wiping the tables.. and she'd occasionaly look back and smile at us..knowing that we were watching her with the corner of our eyes....When I started to wonder: What goes on in this little mind of hers.

What does she think, when she looks at all these things, all these small things which we take for granted, are all new to her. Every situation, every place, every new face.. . What goes on in her mind? Wonder/ Amazement/ confusion/ anxiety/ excitement…..what?

I know the time will come soon, that she would say what she "wants” the pink scooter instead of the red one, the Dora dress instead of the Mermaid one...she will tell us exactly! .......and honestly i can’t wait (SD frowns).
But i know, this time of her constant gaze and admiration of the world with those innocent eyes will go away soon! Very soon!

Every time we have friends over, or go somewhere.. it’s a ritual for her. The first twenty minutes or so, all she will do is look around, stare at everyone’s face to observe, and then slowly start walking around and investigate the house/ store.. to see which places where she can play without getting a “Uh- OO” from us. Just familiarizing herself!

Every morning, we take the elevator to go to the car parking, and in that small space she will stare at the “Gimme more coffee” struck faces of our building people… until they are forced to smile at her with those sleep deprived eyes.. and yes, then she will repeat the same process with the next person in the elevator. Trust me, the ride is may be 30-45 seconds, but she does this, every morning in our elevator!
While SD and I just look, just look at those cute, naughty eyes!

I say repeatedly, to one and all.. Having a child is a big de-stressing factor in our lives (Yes even those sleepless nights!). Minute i walk out of office to pick her up,i forget everything else.. all presentations.. all meetings and all due dates......... and all i can think of is what game do i play with her tonight! Its new every evening.. sometimes a play date, sometimes a fussy evening, sometimes her toys and me...sometimes us singing nursery rhymes and dancing to kiddie music with no care in the world, all leading up to the finale.. SD entering our home! The delight in her eyes, the excitement in her voice....and V throwing her arms up for her dad to hug her.......forgetting all her toys, sniffs and sobs and mum.... is the best part of the entire day for me!

And i know this time will go by fast.. very fast! Clichéd but true.


Harsh said...

Damn.. You write good.

GN said...

Thank You! It is the encouragement i need.

Shilpa said...

Very nicely written ...esp llloved the part 'What goes on in her mind? Wonder/ Amazement/ confusion/ anxiety/ excitement…..what?' ..I am sure science will advance to a point where we might know whats going on in their thoughts, what are they feeling (da..da ..dah); but I think I like it this way ...this way they have their own 'beautiful secret little world'!