Monday, April 6, 2009

Mystery of the missing time!

An hour with less than 60 minutes….. No i am serious, i am pretty convinced that Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. is an hour composed of 30-40 minutes... instead of the 60 minutes like other hours! I still don’t have an explanation for the remainder time! But I will find out.. that’s my new research project, “Mystery of the missing time!”

Seriously, i am pretty sure of it. If it was not this, then i have no other explanation of why EVERY morning, we are struggling to get out of the house "on-time" which ideally should be 7:30 but if we are out the door at "7:55 a.m." it is an achievement.

And yes, i follow all the rules of working mothers- "the evening before planning": Prepare lunch for the day, pack all non-perishable stuff for V's day care, get clothes ready, have the namesake B-fast raw materials ready.. blah blah blah! All of this one, the night before.... including the shower to save those precious morning minutes.. We do it all (or so i think) including checking the alarm... to ensure it goes off at 6:45 a.m.

But still, like a really sad repetitive soap opera, SD and I struggle to get out the door "on time". And then after dropping V, before reaching my office, in the car we analyze what made us late today! And then we decide on a mitigation approach, so it does not repeat itself.. We do this almost everyday!

Morning is this rush time in our household.. dont cross our paths, You may just get knocked down! Like clockwork V gets up at 6:30ish.. and is more than happy to come to our bed from her crib.. and play with her dad and me! I push myself out of bed, and then 'get to work'! ---
Packing V's lunch, getting our lunch out of fridge and packing our dubba with the fruit/snack/cereal bar, getting the OJ, putting the toast (not everyday.. since we generally don’t have that luxury as well). Getting V's fresh food ready is the only kitchen work i do have. I mean, for us last nights left over's taste even better ;-) but for V, we prefer making her food fresh in the morning… its very basic stuff anyways! Like her fav. "DKP", boiled veggies (Yes, time saving M-wave comes to rescue!) sautĂ©ing the paneer cubes... and basic stuff like that.!. And yes, most of the raw materials have been prepared the night before!

During this time, SD gets ready and then gets V ready... and then he giver her B-fast on her high chair.... while i dash to get ready myself... trust me, its comical..

This race against the clock does get to you... sometimes one of us will blow off some steam! But of course, never on V.... she is a good bachaa, and she will rarely create a fuss in the morning.. she is just very happy to eat her breakfast and laugh at us when we run around like headless chicken!

Every morning in the power hour, i look at the clock, minutes are gone.. just gone! It was 7:10 and then the next time i check, its 7:25.. phew.... and it kind of re-affirms my thoughts that morning power hour is just 30-40 minutes!

I know it should not be that difficult...but still, once again, today, we have decided, lets be firm.. lets just get up, get ready and get out.. it would be perfect, if it were not for the power hour being shorter than other hours!

For us and the betterhood of mankind, I have to solve the “Mystery of the missing time!”


New Mom said...

very nice....honest and frank writing style with hints of comedy from day to day life. You sure have a positive outlook to life!

GN said...

Thanks, that's very sweet of you.. :-) But in all honesty, i am looking for agreement on this issue! Do have a similar morning? We may be doing something wrong even with the pre-planning! Any advice is more than welcome..

Ashish said...

Ever thought of waking up at 6:15 instead of 6:45? Well its a thought. Prithi and I think of getting up early everyday so that we can reach work by 7:30 (official time), but end up leaving from home between 7:30 and 7:45 (so we are heading to work when you lazy bums are waking up). But we are getting better. Changed our wake-up time from 6:30 ish to 6:15 and it made some difference. Try it.

GN said...

Hmmm.. We have tried waking up early! Well, i have. But not happening..Its too difficult to wake up any earlier.
Partly since we generally sleep by 11ish and partly since we are lazier in the morning.
But, since you are saying its helped you and Priti, i will re-try it. Keep you posted.

Ashish said...

One thing about sleep is never determine what time you go to sleep, but always get up at the same time. As the body gets used to getting up at the same time, it will tell you when to go to sleep. Right now for you it knows when you will fall asleep (at 11 pm) and so it adjusts what time you feel like waking up based on that.

For eg. it will tell you to sleep at 9 pm itself on a very tiring day so that you will wake up on time the next day or you might not fall asleep till midnight but yet wake up on time the next day when you had a relaxing day.

Tiny Dancer said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha
Try 'not' coochie-cooing with V and ignoring her and just doing your errands mechanically...
Maybe you'll figure out 5 of those missing minutes...
But will that be worth it?

I say better late as ever... LOL

GN said...

hehe, well not to play with V in teh mornign is a bit tough!
But yes, Ashish, i did try to wake up at 6:30 this morning..and did get out at 7:30 :-D
BUT we were still late reaching our offices!
Well, the 2nd car broke down, needed the jump start and all!

So, if its not the missing time, its the forces making us late in the morning..

Will try again tomo motning.. i may turn up just following Tiny's advice ;-)


Ashish said...

Well, if you are late because of what Tiny Dancer said, then I do agree, its worth reaching late to work.

Priyanka Rajkhowa said...

Well lemme know if you get anywhere solving this "oh so complex" mystery :-))...D and I could use some tips...even without a little one at home, that hour in the morning seems far too short :-)