Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So the hunt is on!

Yes, the end product will be wonderful, a new fresh apartment, clean closets, slowly unpacking of all belongings... and the new views, new wonder.. And the new lease on a new apartment! But the process.. The process itself is handful, painful and long!

We are back in the market for an apartment, long story short.. The condo we live in got sold (yes, at a decent this market!) and now months before our lease is up..we are looking for a new place to call home. Yes, yes.. we have heard it before, we should consider buying a place, but its just not the right time for us. It just not, we rather rent! It’s easier-(or so I think!)

So back to the process, first looking at the 'unsafe' Craigslist, the other realtor websites, talk to annoying agents, who really don’t care about what you need, what you want; for them, its the short forms they live by: 2BD/2BT +Den/THOUSE, W/D, PRK etc. With no due offense of course, it is there livelihood, and they do spend a lot of time on the net and on the road meeting annoying people like me who will pretty much say a Yay or a Nay in the first five minutes! And for these five minutes, it’s a couple of hours for them! So their arrogance is justified (Well to some extent).
But for us, the bargainers.. Looking for a good deal, a good place, a beautiful view with parking of course! And yes ensuring we stick to the budget!

After this comes, looking at pictures, which mind you will leave a big impression in your decision process, The pics have to be in the best light, best view, hiding the sore points.. and making it look ready! After you see hundreds of these, comes the actual appointment. OMG! You take papers and papers of notes when you go see the place.. and make notes, in case your better half is not with you, and if it fits the checklist! The haggle for a price! Thankfully, I let my better half take care of that! I just cant do it.

It comes with its fair share of heartbreak! You find the perfect place, in budget, everyone loves it.. and bam! The owner changed his mind, someone offered a better price for that condo, and worst of all, you sat on it just for one night, while you discussed with family while laying the furniture plan in your mind!! It's gone! And there is nothing you can do!

Hello, its not Fun! Yes, in my free time(!) I love to check out interiors of other model homes, cookie cutter houses, flipping through interior magazines, eyeing those contemporary pads, which is defi classy but by no means will make you feel happy about placing a drink without a coaster on the 3000$ coffee table!
But the mind frame is different, its leisure, its my detox, its me saying, oh thats nice, that's chic, that's blah blah. Its just different when you are under the gun.

Right now, i am doing all of the above with only one intent: Which next place will be my home! Yes, historically, I have had house warming for every place we have lived in…come on its still home. Right now it’s like a race against time; I want to get it done with! Settle in, before pool season starts, before family gets here. . and basically i want to do it sooner so its OFF our heads!

Man, so much pressure for just renting! Thankfully my darling hubby is being super cool about it, and letting me vent off on him, so i don’t scream my head off to the next agent i speak about a "PRFCT COND TWHOUSE!!"

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