Monday, April 27, 2009


I don’t know what it is.. was it the perfect time with friends over late night dinner.. was the lunch preparations for weekend brunches at home with more friends, or may be it was V saying sweet nothings and being cute all over! It may have been me clutching SD's hand while watching re-run of Jurassic Park on TV.. its been such a long time, that i was actually taken aback and a bit scared for some time in the movie.... overall... It was just a refreshing weekend.

We did a lot of first times... played 'Categories' which is mind you a very nice game.. Especially at 2 in the morning. We enjoyed walking to the park for V to take her first slide down, and she totally enjoying the wind in her face and yes playing 'Gully Cricket' with the baseball bat and V's plastic ball in the Pent House of our building while V chasing the ball and totally amused at adults being so happy with her toys!! And yes, it also contributed by weather warming up to a beautiful 75F, and we can step out without jackets.. and leave the windows open for fresh air to circulate in the house!

I can see the difference in V as well, less sniffles and more energy, i guess the Vitamin D from the sun is also helping r a lot. Its all related, all intertwined, and not just one factor is causing this boost in our energy levels.

After a long time, i am totally refreshed on Monday with a very relaxing yet action packed weekend. The Monday morning blue has subsided a bit.. and its back to work with renewed energy.. and rest assured, as week days pass, i will crave another weekend.. and the energy of work will go low! Its cyclic in nature. We all know that. But lets enjoy actually have a fresh Monday morning :-)


Harsh said...

Cannt wait to get hold of V

GN said...

Well you will, very soon :-)