Thursday, December 31, 2009

Twenty Ten.... Here we come!!

At the stroke of midnight... new year begins.. with that will begin new decade.. new hopes.. new pretty much every thing.. The year will be 2010 (Easiest said: Twenty Ten!)
I am exicted about the new year.. as i was the last year, and the year before. The stroke of midnight has its charms.. the sky lights up in fireworks, everyone is screaming in joy, huggling in delight and welcoming the new year! Its simply wonderful.
I try to beleive in "What you do on 1st of Jan, you do for the rest of the year!" Like always, i will definitely make sure we are chilling this day, will eat, will drink, will be merry and be surrounded with SD, V and our friends. And yes, i will make sure to step out at stroke of midnight to grab the fresh freezing air outside! Its a tradition what can i say!
I remember during school, i would open a book and study (Yes, geeky!), In college, i would always try on my pretty outfit (yes.. cheeky) and yes, all these years, i always do hit the gym on jan 1st.. even if for 15 minutes ;-) The one thing which i know i would avoid on this day is "chores"... Hehe!
Like always, i look back at this passing year. 2009 was a year of firsts... a lot of them! With a toddler in tow, its expected as well. Cliche'd as it may sound, the year went by really quickly.
For the coming year, I have newer resolutions which i know i will break. I will once again promise to do X, Y, Z and turn up doing A,B and C. And like all years, at the end of it... i will look back and reminice about the year which went by.
And like always, it will be filled with wonderful memories, some crazy times, some happy, some sad moments... but overall.. perfect!

Wishing you all a Very Happy Twenty Ten... Create Happy Memories!


Ashish said...

Since you said "Twenty Ten", here is something for you read -

Lakshmi said...

Happy New Year! 2009 flew by for me somehow. I do not a big list for 2010, but the short list has very important ones ;)

GNSD said...

Ashish, Hope you enjoyed the stroke of midnight at Twenty Ten...

Lakshmi. Happy New Year to you.. am sure 2010 the imp. ones will form out beautifully!