Thursday, September 2, 2010

I think I found my Coffee Twin.

No seriously I did. Someone who is as passionate about the perfect brew, perfect blend as me. Hang on… you have to read this post before you continue. Only then will you follow.. I will wait.

All right, now. You know how particular I am about my coffee.

So. I think I found my coffee twin. Back in India, a very dear friend would whip the coffee to perfection. I have to credit her for making me crave coffee this bad. I have to credit her to make me enjoy the real flavor of coffee. We both have spent countless hours and a huge chunk of cash at our JATC. Same Table, Same setting. So far, with every trip to India, we both have managed to meet up. Same Table, Same setting. We both always know where to meet... it has to JATC of course. Why even bother to ask.
I digress.
Now, my morning includes washing my coffee cup mug and then going to my cafeteria to get my coffee. It’s simple: It's in the green colored dispenser. It reads dark organic roast. I take that half way, the remaining quarter is decaf to keep me sane and then one sachet brown sugar with 2% milk. Nothing more, nothing less.
My cafeteria staff knows me. If my coffee is out or almost over, I just glance away. The lady smiles, happily brews my fresh coffee and gives me a pat. She knows; I need it, just right.
It’s a morning ritual. If I skipped a day, she would ask where I was the day before. :-)
Recently, a new person joined my team. I bumped into her a couple of times at my coffee dispenser. I noticed, she follows the exact same pattern as me: 1/2 dark brew, 1/4 decaf, one brown sugar and oh well.. skim milk!
Darn... almost a twin.

And yes, I am serious about my coffee. Feel free to ask Sumit. Recently we were out of coffee at home and in my knowing ways... I told him, don’t get it from 'there', it’s always more expensive, when we go to Costco, we will pick up the right Nescafe there. He just nodded. He went 'there' and bought the right Nescafe. Money be damned. He knows I needed it. There is no way I would survive without coffee till the weekend Costco trip. Or rather he would not survive my coffee-less moods.

I smile each time I fix my coffee at home. The tiny over priced box reminds me of Sumit's smile when he handed me the coffee. Perfect. :-)


Lakshmi said...

Aren't you pampered?, just kidding :) I also am a big coffee fan. Now, after coming here, I have found a combination of Bru to be my favorite. One friend tried to induce me to filter coffee at her place; I did have it and give a nod, but not my cup of coffee :)

UmaS said...

Oh, thats so sweet of him to get the coffee u like !!! :)

Cheers to the coffee lover !!! Me is a chai girl. ;) ;)

But I can make good filter coffee !!! ;) Come home to try it. :)

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

I like several types of coffee, but I DO adore it. WAY too much. I didn't even stop with baby #3. I figured she would have to suck it up and deal with it. I had 2 other kids; I could NOT live without a little caffeine! She? Slept through the night from day 1.

Coffee is a miracle worker!

Even my neighbors know how bad I am. My kids told them the other day that we were out and my neighbor came over with bags of coffee from their hotel stays to tide me over til I got to the store. I nearly kissed her!

Garima said...

@ Lakshmi..I have never had filter coffee... I have to try it next time I come to India.
@ UmaS... I might just take up your offer.. I only started having tea after marriage.. though I love drinking it.. Coffee is definitly my first love. Hehe
@ Tracey..Haha... I would give a tight hug to the neighbour as well.>>> you give me hope, may be next time around, I will continue with coffee.... :-)

Anonymous said...


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jaish_vats said...

Garima! i am in an attempt to do away with coffee and ur blog was a great motivation in the truest sense of sarcasm ha ha ha ...i love coffee tooo...esp hot filter coffee :)

rashmi said...

sweet husband to get you coffee to avoid your coffee less moods :-) :-)
I dont like tea/coffee...still enjoy milkshakes or even bournvita milk.... :-)

Garima said...

@ Jaish... haha..> Thats exactly what this was not supposed to do :-) Good Luck.. I have given up on quitting my brown fix.
@ Rashmi.. bournvita... wow.. I havent had it in soo long. My brother loved that.. and I used to enjoy Boost.
And yes.. he was soo sweet in getting my coffee.. Its running low, i should remind him now~

Anonymous said...

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