Monday, August 30, 2010

5 reasons why I LOVE Hindi Movies

1. A full paisa vasool - You get girly chick flick, the action, the style crash course... and oh yes also a tear jerker or a drama as it’s called. Even if you doze off in the middle, 30 minutes later, not much missed. Perfect, complete worth of money.
Example: Dhoom 1/2/x/

2. Multi Task - A movie at home is perfectly complimented by multi tasking.. like clean out the pantry when the movie is on. Or fold the laundry, or even cook dinner or best of all... snoozing on couch in the middle afternoon with the sweet lullaby of the movie.
Example: My name is Khan

3. Complexity
- The characters are so complex, so over mature and over knowledgeable. I have no idea how a house wife suddenly drops the oil hair with the skimpiest of gowns, how the kids are always so clean or so super naughty. Or how the hero is always macho even though he has the body of a hanger. Or even how the heroine can make anybody fall in love with her with wind in her hair and she giggling away. How oh how...complex man!
Example: Pyaar Impossible

4. Experience - The movie going experience is enhanced by the samosa sold at counter. You really don’t mind taking four trips for four samosa's. You are all caught up with the gossip thanks to your friend sitting next by. Alternatively, you really don’t care to discuss the movie with the date, you are more focused in how do I get the arms around her, nudge her or ... OMG>> when there is a romantic song, I can sneak in a kiss.
Example: Paheli.. or for that matter. Any Movie, trust me.

5. Family Time - Just to be mean, you can get the quota of family time without having to listen to your own nagging family members. Alternatively, just to be nice... you can get a complete family drama from the movie and can come out of the movie to tell your spouse.. I will never be that family member: How stupid! And oh yes, it’s a perfect outing, since you get lunch, sleep, relaxation, all in an air conditioned theater. Only thing missing- Rajai. Nothing better for family time or even me time!
Example: Bagbaan

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. Movies like: Dil Chahta Hain, A Wednesday, 3 idiots, Yuva, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na and a lot of the yester year movies which somehow still make me watch the full 3 hours without moving a muscle.

Now... tell me.. what are your reasons for watching Hindi Movies?

Update:I HAD to add in my friend D's instant response to this post:
This is what she wrote to me: " What about all the "Dhin Chak Dhin Chak" that goes on while the movie starts run around trees (in sarees or lehangas)or on mountains covereres with snow in mini-skirts/shorts! LOL"

Haha... she captured it perfectly.. the essence of Hindi movies- Total Time Pass!


Maddie said...

I so totally agree. I also think it's fantasy in colour. Plus if a blockbuster latest movie is on TV then it's FREE watching + time pass :)

Garima said...

@ Maddie... Exactly... Hindi Movies makes my daily chores so much fun!

UmaS said...

Now a days, I watch movies for my give them company...Hated kambhakt ishq, aiysha and many such silly movies.

Of course, there are good ones too...we need to really watch the reviews. :)

The experience of watching in a theatre is always preferred, than watching at home. ;)

Garima said...

@ Uma... Aiysha. Thanks for letting me know.. I was planning to watch it this weekend. And yes, though I enjoy theater, my daughter is still too small. May be once she is a bit older.